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Remnant 2: How to Get Morrow Parish Safe Code

Here's how to get the Morrow Parish safe code for a unique item in the sanatorium.

Unlike some other strongbox combinations in the game, there’s one in the Losomn sanatorium that’s hard to find. It requires quite a bit of work and locating three stone dolls around the asylum. Look as you might, there’s no answer in the room it’s in. Here’s how to get the Morrow Parish safe code in Remnant 2.

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How to Get the Morrow Parish Safe Code in Remnant 2

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The Morrow Parish Safe Code is 2971. To get it, return three dolls to the woman behind the locked door in the asylum’s basement.

Where to Find the First Stone Doll Location

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The first stone doll location in Morrow Parish sanatorium is near the office with the safe. Exit the room, and turn left. You’ll see a door ahead of you on the right side. Go in there and check behind the bookcase on the floor. I already picked it up in the screenshot above.

Where to Find the Second Stone Doll Location

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The second stone doll is outside of the sanatorium. Go into the basement and give the woman behind the door the first doll. Then follow the path outside. Go all the way around the asylum, and you’ll see a bright red glow in the back corner of the gardens in front of the building. It’s to the right of the tool shed with the Aberration inside. I already picked up this doll in the screenshot above.

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How to Get the Asylum Third Floor Key

After picking up the second doll, open the door to the tool shed and fight the Aberration. Once you defeat the Aberration, go inside the shed and get the Asylum Third Floor Key. You’ll need this for the Marrow Parish safe code, specifically the third doll.

Where to Find the Third Stone Doll Location

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Go back inside the sanatorium, up the stairs, and then left at the top. Through the doorway, turn right. You’ll be back in the same hallway where you (likely) entered the asylum. Look for a light brown door at the end of the hall on the right. It will have two candles and an overturned chair next to it.

Use the Asylum Third Floor Key to open the door, then follow the path up. Kill the enemies at the top, and go through the door on the left into a larger, more open room with a hole in the center.

Go around the hole and through the door on the right side. You’ll enter a recovery ward, and the third doll is behind the privacy shield on the far side of the room (with the yellow light shining on the wall).

How to Get the Morrow Parish Safe Code Combination

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Now take the dolls back to the woman behind the door in the basement. She’ll start to sing a song. The refrain has four numbers in it, all of which correspond to the Morrow Parish safe code. You’ll be able to hear the song throughout the sanatorium after this. Return to the strongbox on the main floor and enter the combination.

Morrow Parish Safe Code Reward: Double Barrel Shotgun

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You’ll get the Double Barrel Shotgun (handgun) for all your efforts. It’s a decent weapon, though I don’t prefer such short-ranged weapons. For my buck, I’d go with the Nebubla handgun, which has the nasty NanoSwarm mod and deals damage over time (DoT) with an acid cloud.

That’s how to get the Morrow Parish safe code in Remnant 2. For more tips and tricks, including boss strategies, more puzzle solutions, item locations, and much more, head over to our R2 guides hub.

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