Remnant 2: Great Sewers Safe Code

Cracking the combination for the Great Sewers safe isn't easy. Here's how to get the code.

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Figuring out the Great Sewers safe code in Remnant 2 can be a real mind-bender. At first, all the numbers on the wall are pure nonsense, and what seems to be the obvious safe code isn’t the solution at all. Here’s how to find the combination and get the loot inside: the Rusted Heirloom Ring.

Remnant 2 Great Sewers Safe Code

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To open the Great Sewers safe in Remnant 2, you must find the glowing numbers on the walls throughout the room. There are four individual numerals to find, matching up to the four numerals on the safe that make up the code. My safe code was 5813, but considering the random, procedural nature of the game, yours will very likely be different. I’ve seen it reported to also be 3581 and 8513.

The digits you’re looking for will appear randomly on the wall, making it nigh impossible for me to pinpoint them exactly. But they will stand out brightly against the gloom. Even the slightest movement can dim the numbers, and I stood right next to one several times before it illuminated. Be sure to keep a keen eye out and move around to light them up.

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Here are some important bits of info if you want to know how to open the Great Sewers safe:

  • The set of digits directly to the right of the safe isn’t the code, but one of the numerals will glow, indicating it’s part of the combination. For me, this was 1.
  • Where the glowing number falls in the set of numerals denotes where it goes in the code. For example, my 1 was the third number in the set, meaning it was the third in the combination.
  • Make sure to use your flashlight and look from every angle. My second number was incredibly hard to find, wedged between two wooden support beams at the top left of the room’s stairs.

Great Sewers Safe Reward: Rusted Heirloom Ring

Now that you’ve opened the Great Sewers safe in Remnant 2, your reward is the Rusted Heirloom Ring, which is pretty handy.

  • Rusted Heirloom Ring: Grants two stacks of Bulwark below 50% of your max HP.

For me, this was an 11% defense buff, which isn’t too shabby, especially running solo.

Now that you’ve cracked the Great Sewers safe code and gotten the Rusted Heirloom Ring, you can move on to more challenges. For more tips and tricks on Losomn and other worlds, head over to our Remnant 2 guides page, where we have plenty of boss strats, weapon locations articles, and more.

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