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Remnant 2: How to Complete the Oracle Quilt Puzzle (All-Seeing Eye)

Complete a dozen objectives for the Oracle Quilt puzzle and All-Seeing Eye in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 has numerous secrets, some of which won’t be made known to you until later in the game. One is an incredibly useful item only found in Losomn. It’s not as hard to come by as the Archon Archetype, but it will take some critical thinking and a few items to obtain. Our guide discusses how to complete the Oracle Quilt puzzle in Remnant 2 to get the All-Seeing Eye infinite use consumable.

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How to Complete the Oracle Quilt Puzzle in Remnant 2 (All-Seeing Eye)

To complete the Remnant 2 Oracle Quilt puzzle, you must find Dran children and complete 12 events. You’ll receive the All-Seeing Eye as a final reward. However, there are numerous factors to consider when working on this puzzle:

  • Dran Oracle and Dran children location — The Oracle Quilt puzzle itself is only found in one specific location: the Oracle’s Refuge in Losomn. You also need to help two Dran children in other areas.
  • Dynamic campaign progression — Due to dynamic campaign progression, the main quests and destinations aren’t always guaranteed. In my case, I found the Oracle’s Refuge during my regular campaign run. I started in Morrow Parish, which led to the Nightweaver boss fight.
  • 12 events and encounters to complete — You need to complete all of these to finish the quilt, as doing so nets you the All-Seeing Eye. I can only tell you that this is very time-consuming. I personally had to do multiple Adventure Mode runs to tackle all the objectives. You can see an image below showcasing all the drawings/diagrams in the quilt.

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Oracle Quilt Puzzle How to Find the Oracle Refuge and Dran Children

The Oracle Refuge shack is usually found in Morrow Parish, Brockwithe Quarter, or Forsaken Quarter. Once you’ve discovered the building, climb up the ladder to see the Oracle Quilt. You’ll notice that there are boxes or sections missing; these represent various events that you still need to complete in Losomn.

Moreover, you need to find two Dran Children in nearby areas. They’ll run away, so make sure you eliminate nearby enemies first. I also suggest checking the map/minimap for their blue icons.

For the purposes of our Remnant 2 Oracle Quilt puzzle guide, and because you’ll likely do several Adventure Mode runs to complete this challenge, I’ve categorized the events based on the ideal main quest starting area and boss. I’ve also added links to various guides that we’ve written for specific encounters.

  • Nightweaver arc — The starting area is Morrow Parish. Along the way, be sure to grab the Dreamcatcher weapon.
  • Faelin/Faerin arc — The starting area is the Beatific Palace. The Beatific Palace doors can be opened once you get the Magic Quill from the Jester, leading to different areas. You can always reroll if you don’t reach a particular destination.

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Oracle Quilt Puzzle: All Events and Encounters

All 12 events/encounters must be finished if you want to complete the Remnant 2 Oracle Quilt puzzle. I’ve listed these based on how the drawings and images appear on the quilt.

Postulant’s Parlor


  • Arc: Nightweaver
  • Location: Morrow Sanatorium
  • Tips: This is the final boss of the Nightweaver arc, so it’s mandatory that you start in Morrow Parish.


  • Arc: Either
  • Location: Harvester’s Reach
  • Tips: The goal is to look for the Harvester’s Reach dungeon, which usually has an entrance in the second overworld/main area. Once there, destroy all the refuse piles, and kill the rat ogres.

Bloat King

  • Arc: Either
  • Location: Great Sewers
  • Tips: The Bloat King boss has electric orbs and a beam attack.

Magister Dullain

  • Arc: Nightweaver
  • Location: Shattered Gallery
  • Tips: I’ve only encountered the Magister Dullain boss during a Nightweaver run.

The Council

  • Arc: Faelin/Faerin
  • Location: Council Chamber
  • Tips: I’ve had more success in reaching the Council Chamber area via the Beatific Palace, as opposed to the streets in the Dran side of the region. The goal is to finish the Council’s investigation and accuse the correct traitor.

The Huntress

  • Arc: Nightweaver
  • Location: Forsaken Quarter
  • Tips: The Huntress boss is considered as one of the Nightweaver’s victims in the lore.

Gwendil the Unburnt

  • Arc: Faelin/Faerin
  • Location: Cotton’s Kiln
  • Tips: For some reason, the Faelin/Faerin arc usually led to the Gwendil the Unburnt boss.


  • Arc: Faelin/Faerin
  • Location: Beatific Palace or Malefic Palace
  • Tips: You can decide on whether you’d fight Faelin or Faerin.

The Feast

  • Arc: Faelin/Faerin
  • Location: Great Hall
  • Tips: I’ve often stumbled upon the Great Hall via one of the Beatific Palace’s doors. The goal for The Feast event is to eat rotten food and eliminate all the enemies that appear. Read more in our Great Hall Feast guide.

The Red Prince

The Burning Man

  • Arc: Nightweaver
  • Location: Butcher’s Quarter
  • Tips: I stumbled upon this event while doing the Nightweaver arc. The idea is to defeat all enemies that spawn. The man will burn no matter what.

How to Get the All-Seeing Eye

After completing all the events and encounters, return to the Dran Oracle. You’ll notice that the Oracle Quilt has all the drawings now. Talk to her to receive the Remnant 2 All-Seeing Eye. This consumable has infinite uses, and it grants you a random buff or debuff. For instance, you might gain a 15% increase to your stamina, or you might end up with a decrease to that stat instead.

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Upon receiving a buff/debuff, you’ll realize that the item has a red icon. The only way you can use the consumable again is after the previous effect’s duration, which is roughly three minutes, has ended.

That’s how to complete the Oracle Quilt puzzle in Remnant 2 and get the All-Seeing Eye. For other tips and strategies for bosses, weapons, Archetypes, and much more, head over to our R2 guides hub.

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