Remnant 2: How to Beat Gwendil the Unburnt

Take Remnant 2's Gwendil the Unburnt out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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Gwendil the Unburnt in Remnant 2 waits for you in the Losomn zone. She’s surrounded by her deranged pals, and she also loves throwing explosives. Our guide discusses the Gwendil the Unburnt boss’ abilities in Remnant 2, how you can defeat her, a cheese method to make the fight easier, and the reward you’ll receive.

How to Beat Gwendil the Unburnt in Remnant 2

Gwendil the Unburnt Abilities

To beat Gwendil the Unburnt boss, you’ll need to be mindful of her explosives, fire damage, and the additional enemy mobs. Here’s what you can expect from the fight:

  • Incendiary Grenades — Gwendil lobs grenades repeatedly, including a barrage where she throws three at the same time. These will explode and cause fire damage, too.
  • Sniper Dran — There are at least two Dran villagers that wield rifles.
  • Burning Dran — Zombie-like Dran villagers will spawn. They’ll pour oil on their bodies and set themselves aflame.
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Gwendil the Unburnt Strategy

Gwendil the Unburnt boss has a random affix, such as Elemental Resist or Thick Skin. Don’t let this buff deter you, though, since this encounter can be cheesed.

When the fight starts, you’ll notice that Gwendil and the two snipers are perched on the platform. I began the bout by eliminating the two Dran Snipers, while taking note of when the Burning Dran mobs appeared.

Once the coast was clear, I moved to the center of the structure, which had wooden planks overhead. Because of this, I was able to avoid Gwendil’s Incendiary Grenades, since the explosives themselves hit the planks before they landed on the ground.

From there, I took out the Burning Dran as they got closer, while shooting Gwendil whenever she popped up. It was also possible to shoot the grenades while she’s holding them to make them explode in her face. Moreover, I used the Medic class for extra healing, as well as the Enigma handgun for its constant stream of electricity.

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Reward: Alkahest Powder and Witchfire Mod

After beating Gwendil the Unburnt, you’ll receive the Alkahest Powder. This can be exchanged for the Witchfire mod, which has the following effect: Shoots a projectile that explodes, leaving flames on the ground. This deals 55 fire damage per second and applies the burning effect, which adds another 200 damage over 10 seconds; the mod’s activation lasts for five seconds.

As you may have noticed, the Witchfire mod is quite viable when paired with accessories that further amplify fire and burning damage. You can get these boosts from the Fire Stone (sold by Reggie in Ward 13) and the Talisman of the Sun (found in a chest in Yaesha’s Imperial Gardens dungeon).

And that’s it: that’s all you need to know about the Gwendil the Unburnt boss in Remnant 2. Don’t forget that Losomn has other deadly foes, such as the Bloat King and Huntress. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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