Remnant 2: How to Complete the Great Hall Feast Event

Chow down on rotten food and battle foes as part of the Remnant 2 Feast Event.

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Remnant 2 has several events that you can stumble upon as you explore the game world, with some areas having as many as 12 or more. One of these happens to be the Feast Event, which occurs in the Great Hall of Losomn. Our guide details how to complete the Remnant 2 Great Hall Feast Event from start to finish, including how to get a special Trait: Glutton.

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How to Complete the Great Hall Feast Event in Remnant 2

To complete the Remnant 2 Great Hall Feast Event, you must eat rotten food at the table and defeat all the enemies that appear. Still, there are other factors to consider. First, dynamic campaign progression means that you’re not guaranteed to see the Great Hall as a destination.

I suggest trying Adventure Mode runs in Losomn, preferably those that start in the Beatific Palace. There’s a good chance that one of the Beatific Palace doors leads to the Great Hall dungeon. Once inside, you’ll need to look for a particular quest item before you can open the ornate door. Through this guide, we’ll go through the Great Hall Feast mechanics, along with some advice to help you clear your “plate” and the rewards you can get for completion.

How to Open the Great Hall Feast Event Door

Before you can start the Great Hall Feast, you need to obtain the Ravenous Medallion. Explore the underbelly of the Great Hall and look for a room that looks like a kitchen. There, you’ll see the Ravenous Medallion on a kiln next to several ingredients and wares. Once you have it, return to the checkpoint so you can open the ornate door.

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Great Hall Feast Event Mechanics

Inside, you’ll find a grotesque fellow and a table filled with spoiled and rotten meat. To start the event, simply eat any of the icky, rotten food. This causes the following:

  • Multiple enemy waves will spawn. You’ll battle Fae Spearmen, Fae Archers, and even a few elites, like Gullain Shamans and Iron Maidens.
  • Eating food gives you the Ravenous status. This prevents you from using your healing relic or other consumables.
  • To heal, I suggest equipping the Medic class since Wellspring still works. You may also interact with the zombie-like Dran NPCs in the room, as they provide healing once your character devours them.
  • Likewise, I find that the Engineer class works great in this encounter, since your deployed turrets can pepper hostiles with constant fire.
  • I also advise you to try this encounter while playing co-op so you can get the Glutton Trait (more on this below).
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All Great Hall Feast Event Rewards

Once you’ve cleared all the enemy waves, you’ll complete the Remnant 2 Great Hall Feast Event. You can then get the following rewards.

Neckbone Necklace

  • Location: Talk to the grotesque food connoisseur after finishing the event.
  • Effect: Reduces the damage of status effects by 50%; gain 25% increased damage while you’re suffering from a status effect or blight.

Bone Chopper

  • Location: Ride the dumbwaiter (i.e., small elevator) behind the NPC. That takes you to a small room, which has this axe, as well as an Executioner elite.
  • Effect: Has 58 damage, 7% crit chance, 105% weak spot modifier, and -3% stagger modifier.

Feastmaster’s Signet

  • Location: Look to the right of the NPC to see a fireplace. Crouch and roll through to reach a small nook.
  • Effect: Increases active concoction limit by 1.

Glutton Trait

  • Location: This is a secret unlock that can be yours if a player is downed and gets revived in the middle of the event. I suggest trying this if you’re playing co-op. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test if you can obtain this via the Handler class and its doggie Revive Prime Perk.
  • Effect: Increases the use speed of relics and consumables, up to 30% at Level 10.
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As you can see, there are lots of goodies to acquire. The Feastmaster’s Signet, in particular, is great for extra buffs via concoctions. The Glutton trait, meanwhile, is viable, but you do need it if you want an achievement that requires you to unlock all the traits. Lastly, the Feast Event itself is part of the Oracle Quilt puzzle for the All-Seeing Eye.

That’s how to complete the Great Hall Feast in Remnant 2, as well as the rewards you’ll get for stomaching the disgusting food. For other tips and strategies, such as how to beat specific bosses or get particular items, head over to our R2 guides hub.

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