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Remnant 2: How to Get the Merciless

Getting the Merciless Long Gun in Remnant 2 adds one of the best weapons in the game to your arsenal. Here's how.

The Merciless Long Gun is one of the best secret weapons in Remnant 2, and getting it is easy by this game’s standards. On top of its relative ease of access, it deals solid damage for its fire rate and magazine size. It also comes with high inherent Bleed, and its unique mod has top-tier burst damage potential. Its only weakness is its long reload animation, but you can work around it with proper play and a few reload buffs. We’ll cover how to get Merciless in Remnant 2 in this guide.

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How to Get Merciless in Remnant 2

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To get Merciless in Remnant 2, you need to defeat the Corrupted Ravager on his version of Yaesha. After getting past the Water Harp and meeting the beast himself, rather than saving or killing the Doe, shoot the Ravager. The fight will start immediately, and you’ll need to get the boss to about 50% health, when he’ll go over and start devouring the Doe.

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Allow the Ravager to eat the Doe, then defeat him like normal. He doesn’t gain any new attacks or strategies, and once he’s dead, you’ll get a new type of boss material called the Crimson Membrane. Take the item back to McGabe in Ward 13 to craft the Merciless.

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Merciless Stats

Merciless has a base attack power of 13 per shot, a 50-round magazine, and shoots at 516 rounds per minute. The on-screen reticle is actually a set of teeth, and when the bottom and top incisors meet, it applies Bleed, dealing (in my case without a build) almost 300 damage over 10 seconds.

Its unique perk, called Bloodline, deals 150 base damage, increases critical damage by 25%, and applies three times as much a stagger as a regular shot. Its shots also over-penetrate targets, gaining a 50% damage bonus for each enemy penetrated. You can have up to three Bloodline shots loaded at a time, and they only take 350 mod power to re-up.

In my early time with Merciless, without a build for it and without it fully upgraded, I could easily reach 1,500 damage per Bloodline shot and almost 1,500 DPS on the target dummies in Ward 13. While it lacks the raw room-clearing power of the Aphelion‘s unique Mod, Merciless has massive single-target damage potential while offering good exploration comfort. I’ve heard anecdotes in the community that, with the right build, the weapon deletes boss health bars in seconds, something I’d love to see in my own gameplay.

And that’s how to get Merciless in Remnant 2. As secrets go, it’s not the hardest to figure out, but you have to take a third option when offered a choice in the Ravager fight, which some players wouldn’t think to do. I didn’t. For more help with the game’s massive amounts of content, check out our guides on the best melee builds, how to beat the Sha’Hala alternate kill, and more in our R2 guides hub.

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