Remnant 2: How to Get Sha Hala Alt Kill

If you want one of the best secret weapons in Remnant 2, you need to beat the Sha Hala boss with an alternate kill. Here's how.

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Like most bosses in Remnant 2, there are multiple ways to kill Sha Hala: Guardian of N’Erud. Called “alternate kills” or “alt kills,” these provide unique rewards. In this case, performing the secondary strategy provides a very different boss fight, both mechanically and aesthetically. You’re still fighting the same creature, but the experience looks different, and there’s a whole new suite of attacks you’ll need to contend with. Our definitive guide covers how to get Sha Hala alt kill.

How to Get Sha Hala Alt Kill in Remnant 2

Sha Hala Alt Kill Differences

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If you fought this boss normally, there are some similarities between that version and the Sha Hala alt kill version.

  • It still uses lasers to divide the arena.
  • Smaller summoned hands still shoot projectiles.

But how the attacks function is different, as are their patterns. There’s also more of a focus on smaller killing the hands to buy yourself free damage and getting out of an AoE to a DPS phase than it is avoiding the surprise hands from beneath the floor or the boss’s slam attacks.

Good spacing and movement are also more important to get the Sha Hala alt kill. That said, I recommend rolling a N’Erud Adventure as soon as you can. The alternative kill of its boss awards the Aphelion unique Long Gun, one of the best weapons you can get relatively quickly. You’ll need to get the Override Key from an unmarked tower in the Timeless Horizon to activate this version.

Best Classes and Loadouts to Get the Sha Hala Alt Kill

As for best classes and loadouts, I fought alternate Sha Hala as a Gunslinger/Explorer combo. This multiclass choice gave me some extra ammo drops and an on-command speed boost Skill. I used the Blackmaw AR-47 with Healing Shot, which I used until I got the Aphelion.

Medic is a solid choice in this fight because you’ll have more opportunities to post up and hold a position, giving the starting Skill tons of value. Really any weapon with solid Weak Spot damage is good. The orb that makes up the boss’s weak point is big and slow-moving enough that during DPS, you can do a metric ton of damage even with a non-optimal setup like mine.

All Sha Hala Alternate Fight Attacks

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This version doesn’t have quite as many wild attacks as the standard version. However, they’re just as deadly if you’re unprepared. Here’s everything you can expect when going after the Sha Hala alt kill.

Sha Hala Alt Kill First Phase Attacks

  • Triple Laser Wall: Three sets of lasers — two horizontal, one vertical — swipe across the arena. Avoid the horizontal with a well-timed dodge and the vertical by standing between the beams.
  • Wall of Hands Shooting Ice: More than a dozen smaller summoned hands make a grid and begin shooting ice balls at you. You can avoid them with some quick sidesteps and rolls. This attack is good for getting supplemental DPS.
  • Laser Ice Hand Lanes: Lasers create lanes, and summoned hands appear at their end, filling the lane with projectiles. When you see this attack start, back up against the back wall of the arena and roll through the salvo, then do so again for the others.
  • Laser Lanes and Pink Orbs: More lasers spawn and cut the arena into half-lanes. Then dozens of pink energy orbs come at you. Strafe in the direction opposite where they come from. And watch out for the laser that cuts across the arena floor.

Sha Hala Alt Kill Second Phase Attacks

At 50% health through your Sha Hala alt kill run, the boss will transition to its second phase. It becomes briefly intangible before locking its sphere weak point in its chest. Here are its new attacks, which it will use in addition to its Phase One attacks. Note that the speed of its first-phase attacks are also faster.

  • Tail Slam with Big Side Lasers: Sha Hala dives headfirst below the ground and slams its tail down on you. Two of its larger hands fire huge lasers on either side of the tail. Avoid the attack with a careful roll to the side.
  • Ice Balls and Chest Laser: After summoning five smaller hands that constantly shoot ice balls, the boss moves to one end of the arena. It fires a huge laser from its chest and slowly moves it from one end to the other. As terrifying as it is, dodge through the laser and avoid the stationary ice hands. You’ll get about 20 seconds of DPS.
  • Core Suction and Ice Balls: Sha Hala rises up above the edge of the arena. It grabs the orb in its chest and slams it down. It creates a huge amount of suction and starts shooting ice balls a few seconds after. Roll out of the suction, avoid the ice, and do damage.
  • Spinning Lasers: Sha Hala’s core floats above the arena, shoots out two lasers on a diagonal, and begins to spin. Keep light on your toes and dodge through the lasers as necessary.

The Sha’Hala alt kill version has a pretty hefty health pool, and even its weaker attacks can easily chunk half your health in an instant. The lasers are especially insidious, as they have no physical interaction with your character. They just do damage. Standing in them will kill you in less than a second, and the larger ones are harder to get around.

That’s how to get the Sha Hala alt kill in Remnant 2, as well as the Aphelion Long Gun. We’ve covered many of the game’s other hidden weapons, including the Pulse Rifle, Labyrinth Staff, and others in our R2 guides hub.

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