Remnant 2: How to Get the Aphelion Secret Long Gun

The Aphelion Long Gun is one of the best (and oddest looking) weapons in Remnant 2. Here's how to find this secret weapon.

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There are dozens of weapons in Remnant 2. Many are hidden behind secret bosses, mindboggling puzzles, or in the dark corners of the world — or sometimes all three. The Aphelion Long Gun is one of the best of them, and while it’s not the hardest to get, you’ll need to face otherwise unseen challenges to do so. It’s also possible to mess up the requirements, forcing your hunt for it to start again from scratch. Here’s how to get the Aphelion secret Long Gun in Remnant 2.

How to Get the Aphelion Secret Long Gun in Remnant 2

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To get the Aphelion secret Long Gun, you have to get the alternate kill on the world boss Sha’Hala: Guardian of N’Erud to get the crafting material to make it. This requires the Override Pin and having the Seeker’s Key section version of the world. If you didn’t roll it during your campaign, you’ll need to either roll Adventure Mode until you do get it, or you could reroll your campaign if you’re so inclined (but I don’t suggest that at all).

How to Get the Override Pin

The first step to getting the Aphelion is getting the Override Pin. Once on the Seeker’s Key version of N’Erud, head to the Timeless Horizon, the second area of the map (or at least it was for me). It’s one of the two “open-world” areas in the region. You’re looking for an unmarked tower with a blue-lit entrance flanked by two Dryzr statues.

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You’ll know you’re in the right place if you go inside and come to an elevator on your right. Take the elevator up, and you should come across a room with one of the altars where you normally find Seeker’s Keys. It will, however, already be open, with no such key to be found.

At the top will instead be an Ionic Crystal crafting material, which you can grab at your leisure. If you’re facing the altar, there will be a darkened hallway leading down on the right side of the room. Take it and follow the path around.

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You should come to another elevator that leads to another hallway with a dropdown to the altar room on your left and another room at the hall’s end with a red glowing item on the ground. This is the Override Pin, and you need it to trigger the Sha’Hala: Guardian of N’Erud alternate kill. You’ve almost got the Aphelion secret Long Gun.

How to Get the Alternate Kill for Sha’Hala

At this point, you’re free to progress N’Erud how you like: find the Seeker’s Keys, do any optional content, or even leave the world and come back after progressing elsewhere. Whatever you decide, when you make it to the final boss arena with Sha’Hala, instead of activating the terminal on the left side of the machine in the arena, insert the Override Pin into the slot in its center.

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You must insert the pin correctly the first time because if you accidentally use the terminal, you’ll start the fight normally and will need to start N’Erud over from the beginning. When you defeat the alternate version of Sha’Hala: Guardian of N’Erud, it will drop the Void Cinder item, and after you’ve been teleported back to Ward 13, you can have McCabe craft the Aphelion for you.

Aphelion Stats

  • Damage: 62
  • Ideal Range: 20m
  • Falloff Range: 65m
  • Max Ammo: 49
  • Critical Hit Chance: 15%
  • Weak Spot Damage Bonus: 100%
  • Stagger Modifier: -25%

Oddly, you can upgrade the Aphelion to +20 despite its status as a boss weapon, which makes it all the better, as it costs comparatively less in crafting materials to improve fully. Better yet, the Aphelion is an absolute shred cannon, able to deal solid damage to both bosses and clear who rooms mobs with a single use of its Mod (Supernova) and liberal application of its piercing wave projectile. I can attest: the thing is a monster.

That’s how to get the Aphelion secret Long Gun in Remnant 2. For more info on how to get other secret weapons in Remnant 2, check out our guides on the Labyrinth Staff, the Nebula Handgun, and more in our guides hub.

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