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Remnant 2: How to Get Nebula Handgun

Here's how to get the Nebula handgun in Remnant 2.

Whether you’re after a specific trophy or achievement, or you just want to collect every weapon in the game, you may be wondering how to get the Nebula handgun in Remnant 2. Though it’s not a secret, getting it may take you a long time. That’s because you’ll need to reach N’Erud — then you’ll need to reach the end of that godforsaken world.

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How to Get the Nebula Handgun in Remnant 2

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To get the Nebula handgun in Remnant 2, you must defeat Tal Ratha in the Forgotten Prison in N’Erud. You’ll receive the Spiced Bile item, which you can take to McCabe in Ward 13 to craft the weapon. You’ll also need x7 Lumenite Crystals and x650 Scrap. Considering the random nature of any Remnant 2 playthrough, you may start in N’Erud, or you may not find it until your third world.

The good news is that you can get the Nebula handgun by playing in co-op multiplayer. I suggest doing so with friends to make things smoother, and that you’re all on the same page. Go into a friend’s world that has yet to beat Tal Ratha and defeat the boss together. You’ll get the Spiced Bile item and be able to craft the weapon. That’s how I got mine.

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Nebula Handgun Stats

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  • Damage: 12
  • RPS: 8
  • Magazine: 55
  • Accuracy: ~25%
  • Ideal Range: 8m
  • Falloff Range: 8m
  • Max Ammo: 220
  • Stagger Modifier: -15%

The Nebula handgun “fires a stream of superhot Acid gas, which applies the Corroded effect, dealing 405 Corrosive damage over 15s. Killing targets with Corroded with Nebula spawns a gas cloud, which applies its on-hit effect. Gas clouds last 2s and can be refreshed.” Its range is effectively the same as a shotgun.

It also has the Nano Swarm modification that can “unleash a swarm of Nanomachines that seek after enemies within 20m and repeatedly attack, dealing 8.1 Acid damage per hit. That lasts 15s.” Its mod power requirement is relatively low at 750 in comparison to something like Overflow, though higher than the Sorrow’s mod power requirement.

Though I don’t like the Nebula handgun as much as, say, the submachine gun found in Ford’s Chest, specifically because of its range, it does have a decent Damage Over Time (DoT) effect that can deal with a good number of adds. Specifically, the gas cloud damages targets continuously, and those that enter its area of effect, even if not hit directly by the gun’s cloud itself, receive DoT effects.

That’s how to get the Nebula handgun in Remnant 2. For more tips and tricks, such as how to get the Labyrinth Staff, how to track down the Pulse Rifle, or various articles on the game’s many Archetypes, head over to our R2 guides hub.

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