Remnant 2: Tal Ratha Choice Differences

Is there a difference between Tal Ratha's choices on N'erud in Remnant 2?

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Does your choice between Tal Ratha’s options make a difference in Remnant 2? With the procedurally generated campaign, you could be like me and have N’erud as first world after leaving Ward 13. But no matter when you end up here, you’ll be faced with a decision that could leave you wondering if your answer changes anything. In this guide we’ll go over what happens with either of Tal Ratha’s choices.

Does Your Tal Ratha Choice Make a Difference in Remnant 2?

  • Tal Ratha asks you to bring him Soul Sparks, and is only accessible if you have them.
  • You choose between killing him or being eaten by him.

In short, the option you choose will affect which weapon you can build with Ava’s help back at Ward 13. Tal Ratha is the final boss of N’erud, and when you first enter the room, a cutscene plays that ultimately ends with him presenting you with two options.

Refuse Tal Ratha and Kill Him

If you refuse, you’ll fight the physical form of Tal Ratha. As a reward, you’ll pick up Spiced Bile, which can be used to craft the Nebula handgun back at Ward 13 by speaking with Ava McCabe.

Let Tal Ratha Eat You

Your other option is to “join” Tal Ratha, which simply means letting him eat you. I chose this option. You wake up in an arena where you fight the Metaphysical version of Tal Ratha, and this fight relies heavily on dodging. Although, as a Handler, I accidentally discovered that if your dog is standing between you and a projectile, he tanks it and loses barely any health compared to the chunk of health I lost each time.

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Your reward for killing the Metaphysical Tal Ratha is the Acidic Jawbone, which Ava can turn into the Gas Giant melee weapon.

Once you make your choice with Tal Ratha in Remnant 2 and are on your way to get a new weapon, check out more guides like how to unlock Ford’s Chest or how to earn more XP.

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