Remnant 2: How to Unlock Secondary Archetype Classes

Equipping a second Archetype is crucial to progressing in Remnant 2. Here's how you unlock them.

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By the time you reach the end of your first playthrough of Remnant 2, every new area you enter will be higher than level 10, meaning you can’t reach or exceed their difficulty without taking on additional levels. You’ve probably noticed Archetypes can only reach level 10. You surpass this perceived wall by adding a secondary Archetype to your character. In this guide we’ll discuss how to unlock secondary Archetype classes in Remnant 2.

How to Equip a Second Archetype Class

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  • You don’t have to reach level 10 in an Archetype to unlock secondary Archetypes, instead you need 10 Trait Points.
  • Trait Points are obtained in more ways than just leveling.
  • If you have Archetype Engram, you can equip it as soon as you’ve spent 10 Trait Points.

You’ll unlock your second Archetype slot after you spend 10 Trait Points on any combination in whichever one you choose at the start of the game. If you found or bought other Archetype Engrams, you can equip them as soon as the ten points are allocated. Some of the other writers here and their friends haven’t yet reached level 10 on their main Archetypes, but they could also put some time into leveling additional classes because they’d spent the proper amount of points.

Even better, you don’t need to earn the required Trait Points through level-ups alone. Any Tomes of Knowledge you find (the blue Trait Point books scattered about the world) also count, meaning the more you explore, the faster you can unlock a second archetype slot.

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How to Get Engrams in Remnant 2

As for actually filling that slot, you need a special item called an Engram (as mentioned earlier). You can purchase the starting class Engrams from the various merchants in Ward 13 for 1,500 Scrap.

Getting your hands on the Gunslinger item — the Worn Cylinder — takes a bit more time, as you need to listen to each of old Mudtooth’s stories, and he more than 20 to regale you with over time. They become available as you progress through the story campaign, and you’ll only get access to some late into the story. At the end of his stories, he’ll give you the Worn Cylinder.

Once you have any Archetype base item, you need to take it to Wallace on the old docks, and he can craft it into the Engram. All you need to do is equip it into either Archetype slot.

You can even unequip your starting Archetype and replace it, should you want to level two new ones at the same time. This is best done via either rerolling the campaign or starting a series of new Adventures, though if you want a real challenge, go back through your first playthrough with the two unleveled archetypes and see how you fare.

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In any event, that’s how you unlock and equip secondary Archetype classes in Remnant 2. A bit of an arcane process, but there is so much mystery and depth to the game these minor obfuscations are nothing. For more on the game, see our guides on how to respec Traits, how Relic fragments work, and more in our R2 guides hub.

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