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Remnant 2: How to Beat the Corrupted Ravager

The Ravager is one of the tougher early-game bosses in Remnant 2. Here's how to beat it.

One of the world bosses available in Remnant 2 is the one from the first game. It’s a Root-corrupted monstrosity native to Yaesha. You might not fight it if you rolled a campaign or adventure with another main quest, but if you do need to fight the thing, it’s a tough encounter. Here’s how to beat the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2.

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How to Beat the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2

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To beat the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2, it all boils down to a DPS check on both sides, and you need to come out on top. Before you fight the boss, you’ll need to make a choice. We’ve covered the possible outcomes and rewards for the Ravager choices here. Once you engage the boss, the biggest tip I can give is to keep at a distance as much as possible.

  • Ravager has several attacks that can close a gap incredibly quickly, and you’ll need to know their dodge timings by heart.
  • As a matter of survivability, keep the boss at least at medium distance or right at the start of your weapon’s damage falloff range.
  • Keep as many of the stone pillars in the boss arena up as you can. The Ravager tries to destroy them in the first phase of the fight. However, when it reaches about half health, it will start using attacks that pull you toward its main body during a massive damage over time, AoE effect that rolling doesn’t do much to avoid.

Last, I recommend fighting as a Medic, Gunslinger with Healing Shot, or Handler. The Ravager’s attacks are fast and deal huge damage, so you need as much DPS potential and/or survivability as you can get. Thankfully, the Ravager’s weak spot is the enormous pustule on its back that never goes away, and its health pool is average at best.

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All Corrupted Ravager Attacks

To beat the Corrupted Ravager, you’ll need to know its attacks. has fewer attacks. The fight takes place over two phases, with the second beginning after the boss reaches about 50-60% health.

  • You’ll spend the first part of the fight avoiding claws and teeth and the occasional shockwave.
  • In the second part, the Ravager starts using corrupted energy to fill the room with deadly gas and pulling you toward damage zones it generates around itself that will kill you in less than a second if given a chance.

How to Beat Corrupted Ravager: Phase 1 Strats

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The Ravager’s first phase is almost all physical attacks, save for its ability to summon minions. They’re also a bit tougher to deal with, as you need to be much more active to avoid them while still doing damage.


A simple lunging attack where the Ravager briefly comes back on its haunches and then swipes at you a single time with its claws after rushing forward. You need to dodge in the half-second before the attack lands or about that same amount of time after the Ravager rears back. Expect to lose at least half your health if the attack lands.


The simplest and hardest-hitting of the Ravager’s standard attacks, its charge sees it rearing on its back legs again and wiggling its front claws for a moment before running at you in a straight line. A quick dodge to the side is enough to avoid this attack, but getting hit by it hurts.

Double Swipe

If the Ravager is up in your face, it can use this attack, two oddly-timed claw swipes. The first one is fast, and you can dodge as soon as you see the boss’s left arm pull back. The second swipe has a longer windup lasting almost a full second, allowing it to catch you if you simply roll twice in quick succession. Give yourself a single beat before rolling again.

Human Springboard

The Ravager jumps at you and attempts to rear its hind legs into your face, using said face as a springboard to jump a good distance backward. If the attack hits, you’ll receive a hard knockdown and heavy damage, but thankfully the dodge timing is very forgiving. Use the attack to reset yourself and allow a moment to breathe, provided you managed to avoid it.

Ground Energy Wave

The Ravager plunges its front claws into the ground and, about a second and a half later, sends out a wave of energy through the arena floor. The attack doesn’t do too much damage and only staggers rather than knocking down, but if there are other enemies nearby, that itself can be a death sentence. Dodging toward the boss the half-second before the wave hits you, as rolling away will still see you clipped by the wave’s hitbox.

Summon Minions

Here, the Corrupted Ravager shakes its whole body and sloughs off four large pustules that transform into the spiky, rolling mobs from the overworld. You can pop these pustules, but they have much more health than the enemies inside, so how you deal with them is up to you. The boss won’t stop attacking while you take out its minions, so whatever you do, do it fast.

Triple Attack Lunge

A variant on the standard lunge, the Ravager follows up its initial rush with two bite attacks. The first comes about a half-second after the first attack, and the second is about a half-second after that. As with the double swipe, you can just spam roll to avoid the attack — you need to give yourself a beat before each dodge.

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How to Beat Corrupted Ravager: Phase 2 Strats

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The Ravager’s second phase expands on the first, with only two additional attacks. Don’t be fooled, though. These two attacks alone make the fight much trickier.

Big Spin

The Ravager howls and begins to spin in place like a dog chasing its tail. If you’re inside or just beyond the ring of dust and red energy, it kicks up; you’ll be drawn toward the boss and take between 15-25% of your health per damage tick. The Ravager spins for about six seconds, and damage ticks occur every half second, so I’ll let you do the math there. If you can make it behind an intact pillar or are otherwise out of range of the suction, you can get in some free damage.

Howl of Death

The Ravager stops, tucks its head, and begins gathering energy before raising its head in a massive howl. The whole room will fill with reddish light, and several energy shockwaves will emanate from the boss. Standing in them deals the same damage over time as the big spin, but they travel much farther than the suction did. If you’re standing right next to the boss, I don’t think you’ll survive more than a few milliseconds in the AoE.

Knowing all the Ravager attacks is just the first part. Learning the timings and distances is something I can only tell you in approximations. Getting the controls down yourself is a matter of trial and error. As a Souls-like, Remnant 2 is all about trying something and dying if it doesn’t work. Don’t get too discouraged if you can’t get everything down the first few attempts at defeating the boss. You’ll get there, even if it’s after climbing a mountain of your own corpses.

That’s how to beat the Corrupted Ravager in Remnant 2. For more content, such as tips and tricks on other bosses, where to find certain items, or which Archetypes are the best, check out our guides on how to get the Pulse Rifle, the Labyrinth Staff, and more in our guides hub for the game.

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