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Remnant 2: How to Get the Survival Pack

From its content to potential fixes, we break down the useful Remnant 2 Survival Pack.

Whether it’s a new weapon or armor set, or it’s more currency to buy the items you need, every little bit can help in a post-apocalyptic world as deadly as those connected to Ward 13. With that in mind, here’s how to get the survival pack in Remnant 2.

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How to Get the Survival Pack in Remnant 2

How to Access the Survival Pack

The Awakened King DLC should become available in your inventory after entering your first world. This means you’ll need to have worked your way through the prologue tutorial, chosen your starter archetype, and met the Ward 13 NPCs. Once you’ve interacted with a World Stone and been transported to the first world of your campaign, you should gain access to DLC content. This includes the three armor sets and the Survival Pack.

How to Fix the Survival Pack Not Appearing

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If it doesn’t appear for you, I first recommend double-checking that the Survival Pack DLC is installed on your end. On the off-chance that this is the issue, it should all be in your inventory when you play again.

Another option might be to continue playing a bit more or to reroll your campaign. Many players had issues with this DLC when Remnant 2 first launched due to a bug. After it was fixed, some players reported that they saw the pack’s contents immediately, while others had to spend more time playing or start a new campaign for their character.

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What is the Remnant 2 Survival Pack?

The Survival Pack is a special DLC that provides players with helpful resources early on in the game. The contents are as follows:

  • 2 Mudtooth Elixir (for EXP bonus)
  • 5 Bloodroot
  • 3 Ammo Boxes
  • 1000 Scrap
  • 10 Iron

Something important to note is that this DLC is only available in the Remnant 2 Ultimate Edition. Those who buy the Standard or Deluxe Edition won’t have this. It’s not possible to add this on as a separate purchase either, so the only way to start your adventure off with such a handy advantage is if you own the Ultimate Edition version.

You should be plenty more prepared now that you know how to get the survival pack in Remnant 2. If you’re still early in the game, it’ll help to understand relic fragments better. Additional tips and tricks can be found at our R2 guides hub.

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