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Remnant 2: How to Get World’s Edge

Here's how to get World's Edge in Remnant 2. It won't be easy.

The World’s Edge melee weapon is one of the ultimate badges of honor in Remnant 2. The grind to get it is grueling and ultimately reserved only for the most dedicated, skilled, or, in my case, stubborn players. Expect to spend at least a few dozen hours optimizing your build. You’ll also need to upgrade your gear and figure out your perfect playstyle. That’s all before you can even safely attempt nabbing this source of pride. Here’s how to get World’s Edge in Remnant 2.

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How to Get the World’s Edge in Remnant 2

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To get World’s Edge in Remnant 2, you must acquire 1,500 Scrap and beat the game on Apocalypse difficulty.

The easier of the two is getting 1,500 Scrap to buy it from Brabus in Ward 13. The real grind comes beforehand. For World’s Edge to appear in his inventory, you must beat the entire campaign on Apocalypse difficulty. In other words, you must complete the campaign once on any difficulty. You’ll then grind out a build that can make Nightmare look easy.

Apocalypse difficulty is about 400% harder than Survivor and about 100% harder than Nightmare. Enemy health and damage values range from 300-400% higher than Survivor, with bosses seeing a higher health buff than damage and vice versa for trash mobs. Worse, bosses receive a bigger buff, so even fights you were able to breeze through at lower levels will test you.

Apocalypse Difficulty Tips

To take on Apocalypse and get World’s Edge, you’ll want to meet the following requirements at minimum:

  • Level 10 with your two favorite Archetypes.
  • A complete set of maxed-out weapons, preferably meta options like Nightfall, Merciless, and Enigma, to name a few.
  • Some of the best rings and Amulets in the game, especially the Black Cat Band, as it grants you a literal second chance at life with an immediate revive cooldown of just two minutes.
  • Fully upgraded and modded Relics.

More than those four necessities, you need to have a playstyle and gear setup that can melt bosses and enemies quickly. One additional second spent in a boss arena is one more they could one-shot you or otherwise surprise you and put you out of your rhythm.

The final tip I can give for Apocalypse is to practice every boss in the game at least a few times before attempting a run. Remnant 2‘s worlds are randomized. You can never know exactly what your campaign will look like. Having a solid understanding of at least all of the world bosses will only serve to make the final campaign run easier.

And that’s about all I have on how to get World’s Edge in Remnant 2. Apocalypse difficulty is no joke, even by Nightmare’s standards. If you’re looking for some of the weapons and secrets in the game, check out our guides on how to get all Traits, the 10 best rings, and more in our R2 guides hub.

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