Remnant 2: How to Unlock Hatchery Locked Door

Here's how to unlock (one of) the locked door in the Hatchery dungon in Remnant 2.

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There are actually two different possible locked doors in the Hatchery: one with a key and one without. For this Remnant 2 guide, I’m covering the one without. Unlocking it is actually very straightforward, though you’ll need to be more observant than I was to actually find the solution to the puzzle. If you’re here, you’ve found it in your randomized version of N’Erud. Here’s how to unlock the Hatchery locked door in Remnant 2.

How to Unlock the Hatchery Locked Door in Remnant 2

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Here’s how to unlock the Hatchery locked door in Remnant 2:

  • Go down the hallway near the locked door at the beginning of the Hatchery.
  • Break the barrels and boxes to reveal a hole in the floor.
  • Follow the path and climb a ladder.
  • Go through the wall opening at the second hole in the floor.
  • Shoot the barrel near the cables to restore power.
  • Return to the locked door.

The Hatchery is a transitional space in the Seeker’s Key version of N’Erud. You’ll find it near the end of the Phantom Wasteland section of the map. It’s usually to the right of the Seeker’s Key door. It might not appear, though, in my testing, it’s more common than any other location in that part of the world.

The Hatchery has multiple iterations, and I don’t just mean in layout. Depending on which you get, you might have a derailed train leading to a room with an energy ball of death, a robot production facility, a water treatment plant, or the door in question. I found all three before finding the Hatchery locked door. The one thing they have in common is they’re all in the robot-focused section of the dungeon, so if you stop seeing the bug-like enemies, you’re in the right place.

Remnant 2 Hatchery Locked Door: Detailed Walkthrough

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You’ll likely come across the door in question near the dungeon’s entrance. Unlike in Vault of the Formless, there’s no sigil key marking on the door. You’ll need another way to open it. Thankfully, there’s a hallway seemingly leading nowhere, not far from the door. Destroy the boxes and barrels over a somewhat well-hidden hole in the floor and drop down.

Restore Power to the Locked Door

From there, crouch down and walk until you can jump again, then climb a nearby ladder. You’ll find the first of two rings just off the beaten path. Once you have it, continue until you come to another drop-down — but don’t use it. Instead, look for a small opening in a nearby wall. You’ll see a pair of large cables, disconnected with a breakable barrel between them. Shoot the barrel to restore the connection and unlock the door.

Once you’ve unlocked the door, you get the second of the two rings: the Blackout Ring and the Rerouting Cable. The Blackout Ring grants up to a 15% reload speed buff after expending 20% of your weapon’s magazine, resetting on reload. The Rerouting Cable provides a Shield equal to 5% of your total HP after using 25 Stamina for 5 seconds, up to a 50% Shield so long as you keep moving. The shield value resets after enough inaction.

That’s how to unlock the Hatchery locked door in Remnant 2. The rings you get appear to be fixed like many other items behind these types of doors. It’s not the trickiest of secrets or puzzles, but one that still requires a bit of thinking to get through. For more on the game’s myriad content, check out our guides on the Postulant’s Parlor puzzle, the Council Chamber puzzle, and more in our R2 guides hub.

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