Resident Evil Village's Hooligan achievement and trophy require you to break all of the destructible windows in Castle Dimitrescu. Here's where to find them.

Resident Evil Village: How to Break All Castle Dimitrescu Windows

Resident Evil Village's Hooligan achievement and trophy require you to break all of the destructible windows in Castle Dimitrescu. Here's where to find them.

Castle Dimitrescu, the home to Resident Evil Village‘s Dimitrescu family, is very large and very dark. Interior lighting is mostly limited to candelabras and sconces, with the majority of the windows blocked off with curtains to keep out sunlight. But for the Resident Evil Village Hooligan achievement and trophy, you’ll need to break every window in a single playthrough.

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There are a total of 19 destructible windows in Castle Dimitrescu. Not only is it quite satisfying to break them, but it will unlock the Hooligan achievement and trophy, as well as get you 8,000 Challenge Points that can be used as currency in the Extra Content Shop. This Resident Evil Village guide will lead you down the quickest path to absolute window annihilation.

How to Destroy Every Window in Castle Dimitrescu

Before tackling this challenge, you’ll need to have progressed far enough into the story to have collected all four masks. This is mandatory, as you will not have full access to every room in the castle otherwise. As for any materials you may need, 18 of the 19 windows can be shattered with a knife, but one is out of reach and will need to be shot. 

Start from the front entrance of the castle and follow the path that is laid out in this guide. This will lead you to and highlight all 19 of the destructible windows. Create a save at the beginning.

From the front entrance, traverse the Hall of the Four and up the stairs. Head through the far door to enter a dining room.

You will find the first two destructible windows to either side of the door leading outside. Be absolutely sure that you’ve destroyed these windows, and always double-check before you advance forward. It is very easy to whiff on a window if you aren’t paying attention.

Go through the yellow door to the left of the dining table, then right past the knight armor and into the kitchen.

In the back left corner of the kitchen, you can find a small hallway leading into a back room with a single destructible window on the right wall.

Backtrack back to the dining room, then head out through the door between the first two windows you broke. You should now be out in the courtyard.

Head toward the statue in the middle of the area, then up the stairs to the backside of it. At the top of these stairs, take a right and follow the walkway to a door that leads inside. You will be immediately greeted by a staircase with two very large windows above it. Shatter them.

Go up these stairs and through the opening right in front of you. In this room, destroy the window between the blue curtains in plain sight. This should be your sixth window.

Continue through this room and down the hallway out the other side. Take a left through the door with the circular gold design.

Immediately in front of you are two destructible windows, one partially covered by blue curtains and one not. Break them.

Then head through the door to the immediate left of the potted plant, not the double door in the left wall. This door will take you out onto the balcony, where, to your left, you can find the ninth window, which is covered up on the inside.

Go back inside, then through the same gold-patterned door that you entered through. You should see in front of you, on the far end of this hallway, another blue-curtained window. Destroy it, then follow the hallway left.

On this same wall a bit further down, you can find another window to break. Backtrack through the hallways, down the staircase, and back out into the courtyard. Go down the stairs toward the statue, take the stairs to your right, and head through the door ahead.

Another staircase. This one has three windows above it, so take them out and continue up the stairs. At the top of these stairs, take a left, and go through the yellow door to enter a small room.

On the right wall, behind the vases, destroy the two windows. Make a hard 180 from the windows and head through the door in front of you with the blue drapes. This will take you to the upper floors inside balcony. 

Follow the balcony to the left and all the way to the end, where you will find a large window in a dimly lit room, which also houses a Flower Swords Ball. Destroy this window, then head back into the previous room and back through the yellow door.

Walk straight forward, through the other yellow door, then proceed through the double doors on the far side of the room, pictured below.

Walk forward a little bit and take a right. At the end of this small hallway is your 18th destructible window, right next to a potted plant. Look back to your left and go through the very obvious silver door.

This will take you into a room with the final window, located up on the ceiling. This skylight requires you to shoot it, as it’s well out of reach. Fire up at it with your sniper or a pistol to complete Hooligan.

Some players have reported that this challenge can be buggy. The achievement or trophy may not unlock for you, as the counter may get stuck on 18/19. If this happens, run through the path again and double-check your windows. If you’re sure that all 19 are smashed, exit without saving and try breaking the windows again. 

And there you have it: how to break all of the Castle Dimitresu windows in Resident Evil Village for the Hooligan achievement and trophy. For more on the latest entry in the storied survival-horror series, consider checking out more of our guides for the game.

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