How to Get the Resident Evil Village F2 Sniper Rifle

The Resident Evil Village F2 Sniper Rifle is a powerful weapon that lets you take out enemies from a distance. Here's how to find it.

There's a fairly large variety of weapons to be found in Resident Evil Village. From knives and magnums to grenades and machine guns, there's plenty to help you take out lycans, vampires, and other sordid undead. Outside of the pump-action shotgun, one of the most powerful early-game weapons is the Resident Evil Village F2 Sniper Rifle. 

As you'd likely expect, the F2 Sniper Rifle can help you take out enemies from a safe distance, such as a lone lycan crouching on a rooftop or a samca flying high above the ramparts of Castle Dimitrescu. But where do you find the Sniper Rifle in Resident Evil Village

This Resident Evil Village guide will tell you how to get your hands on the weapon. It will also outline the gun's base stats and upgrades. 

Resident Evil Village F2 Sniper Rifle Location

To get the Sniper Rifle, you'll have to make through much of Castle Dimitrescu. You're headed for the attic, but you won't get there until you get the Mask of Joy in the Hall of Joy.

Directly west of the Hall of Joy is the Atelier. This is Lady Dimistrescu's art room. You'll see various art supplies when you enter. You'll quickly notice some running machinery and gears behind the wall in front of you and a very large portrait of Lady Dimistrecu to the right. You need to get behind the portrait. 

To do so, you'll need to first solve the 5 bells puzzle. We have a guide on how to solve that Resi 8 puzzle right here

Once you complete that puzzle, the portrait of Lady Dimitrescu in the Atelier will move, and you'll be able to access a pathway that leads to a ladder. Take the ladder up, and you'll find yourself in the attic.

Turn around at the top of the ladder to find a Goat of Warding on top of a small crate. Turn back around and go into the attic proper. There's a breakable crate on the table in front of you, as well as a treasure map. This will lead you to the special chamber in area B1 of the castle, where you'll find the special chamber puzzle and the azure eye

Continue past the table and stick to the left side of the attic. Ahead of you, you'll see a small room with a chair in the corner. The F2 Sniper Rifle is on the chair. Pick it up. 

F2 Sniper Rifle Stats

Like every other weapon in Resident Evil Village, except the GM79 Grenade Launcher, the F2 Sniper Rifle can be upgraded and has several attachments that make it more effective. It only uses one type of ammo: sniper rifle rounds.

These can be found in various places throughout the game, purchased from Duke for 1,000 Lei, and crafted once you purchase the crafting recipe from Duke for 4,000 Lei. The recipe for sniper rifle ammo is: 2x Gunpowder; 1x Rusted Scrap; 1x Chem Fluid.

The base stats for the Sniper Rifle are: 

  • Power: 600
  • Rate of fire: 2
  • Reload speed: 3.7
  • Ammo capacity: 4

It has slots for three attachments, two of which can be purchased from Duke at various points in Resident Evil Village.

  • The high magnification scope costs 15,000 Lei
  • The cheek rest costs 20,000 Lei

The third, the high-capacity magazine, is found at Luthier's House, which requires Luthier's Key. You find this at House Beneviento. 

And that's all you need to know about how to find the Resident Evil Village F2 Sniper Rifle. Once you have it in your inventory, you'll have one of the better weapons in the game, especially early on. It will come in handy on the ramparts and roof of Castle Dimitrescu, as well as in Heisenberg's Factory. For more on Resident Evil Village, consider heading over to our review -- or check out our other Resi 8 guides

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Published May. 26th 2021

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