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Risk of Rain Returns: Best Way to Find Teleporters

Let's talk about the best ways to find teleporters in Risk of Rain Returns so we don't get outscaled by enemies.

Locating the teleporter ASAP is crucial in RoR Returns as time is of the essence with difficulty ramping every few minutes. Here’s the best way to find teleporters in Risk of Rain Returns.

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Best Way to Find Teleporters in Risk of Rain Returns

The top-right bar on your HUD is the difficulty meter. Every minute it empowers enemies and increases their spawn count making the game harder, especially later with elite enemies. That’s why finding the teleporter fast and defeating the boss while picking up what you can is so important. Here are some of our tips on finding teleporters fast in Risk of Rain Returns:

  • Look for Red Particles: These circular red particles ooze out of the teleporter in a medium area around it. I was able to spot them when approaching the teleporter from above and below through walls. These are not to be confused with a similar visual effect from the Leeching Seed.
  • Movement Items: One of my all-time favorite items is the Red Whip because it increases your out-of-combat movement speed drastically. Along with it, I also recommend Goat Hooves, Hopoo Feathers, and Rusty Jetpacks to make finding teleporters almost trivial.

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  • Set Zoom Value to 1: Using the original zoomed-out view in the Settings menu allows you to see a wider area of the map. I found this helpful in general for finding the teleporter but also it allows you to notice those red particles more easily.
  • Get Used to the Levels: Each area has a few varieties and learning their layouts can help you explore them more efficiently despite teleporters spawning randomly. If you want to reduce the number of level varieties and make learning more streamlined, I recommend disabling new area variants in the second tab of Character Selection.

We hope these tips on the best way to find teleporters in Risk of Rain Returnshave been helpful. At the end of the day, it just comes down to getting used to the levels and learning their layouts. Feel free to browse our RoR Returns page for more guides.

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