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Sea of Stars: All Playable Characters

Here are all of the playable characters in Sea of Stars.

Sea of Stars starts off with a choice between the two Children of the Solstice, Valere and Zale, but evolves into an adventure where your party continues to grow. You’ll meet plenty of interesting characters, some of whom can join you on your journey as playable characters. Here’s a complete list of all playable characters in Sea of Stars.

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All Playable Characters in Sea of Stars

There are six total playable characters in Sea of Stars. Zale and Valere will remain your main characters, with your character of choice leading the troupe. When you encounter battles, you’ll have access to your entire party and use their various abilities to defeat your foes.

While there are six characters to unlock in Sea of Stars, you can only have three active during a battle. Thankfully, you can easily swap them out without any action cost, penalty-free, at any given moment. You’ll want to mix and match your characters throughout your time playing because each brings something unique to the table. 

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  • Valere
    • Lunar Monk
    • Immediately available
    • Skills: Crescent Arc (Lunar, Blunt, 6 MP), Moonerang (Piece, Lunar, 7 MP), Lunar Shield (9 MP)
    • Ultimate: Lunar
  • Zale
    • Solar Blade Dancer
    • Immediately available
    • Skills: Healing Light (4 MP), Sunball (Solar, 8 MP), Dash Strike (Solar, Physical, 7 MP)
    • Ultimate: Solar
  • Garl
    • Warrior Cook
    • Available after reuniting with him, after the Elder Mist Trials tutorial
    • Skills: Hurl (Blunt, 3 MP), Nourish (7 MP), Cooker Surprise (Blunt, 7 MP)
  • Serai
    • Portal Assassin
    • Available after visiting the Town of Lucent
    • Skills: Venom Flurry (Pierce, Poison, 6 MP), Disorient (Poision, Blunt, 7 MP), Phase Shiv (Poison, Physical, 9 MP)
  • Resh’an
    • Immortal Alchemist
    • Available upon arrival at Doccari Village
    • Skills: Abeyance (Arcane, 6 MP), Ebb (8 MP), Petrichor (12 MP)
  • B’st 
    • Living Glass Golem
    • Available upon arrival at Lost Ones Hamlet
    • Skills: Elbow Drop (Arcane, Blunt, 6 MP), Warble (7 MP), Power Smash (Arcane, 7 MP)

Well, that’s all of the playable characters in Sea of Stars. We’ve got more for you to discover at our Sea of Stars guides hub, like what to do with those mysterious Rainbow Conch Shells.

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