A down on his luck skeleton named Dougie needs your help in Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life. And you need his coin. Fortunately for both of you we've put together this guide.

Sea of Thieves Poor Dougie’s Key Guide

A down on his luck skeleton named Dougie needs your help in Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life. And you need his coin. Fortunately for both of you we've put together this guide.

Piracy in Sea of Thieves isn’t all swashbuckling, adventuring, booty, and grog. Sometimes things take a darker turn. In the new A Pirate’s Life update there a tale of betrayal, Poor Dougie, Poor Dougie’s Coin that you can gamble away like the scoundrel you are.  

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Poor Dougie’s coin is a piece of loot you need in order to win a game of chess between two skeletons. In order to help Dougie, and help yourself to his loot, you must find a chest and earn his key. The steps are easy to miss, so follow along if you want to get your hands on that coin.  

Sea of Thieves: Poor Dougies Coin Guide 

First, start the first Tall Tale of the A Pirate’s Life update. Take your ship into the portal, and progress forward through the tale until you reach the town of Sailor’s Grave.

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life

In the middle of the town is a shipwreck converted into a tavern. Head inside, and up to the third floor. Light the candle at the desk using your lantern, and ghost pirates will appear. They are looking over a map of the town, with an X marked in one corner.

Sea of Thieves ghost pirates.

Now, head out of the tavern. The placed marked by the X is roughly in the far-left corner, if the tavern is at your back. Go there and you will see a hole dug, with some gold scattered about. Someone else has taken the loot!

Sea of Thieves stolen loot.

Look, and you will see a trail of spilled coins heading back towards the center of town. Follow that trail.

Eventually you will arrive at a spot of soft earth, near larger piles of gold, where someone has dug. Pull out your shovel and give it the ol’ heave ho, and you will unearth a skeleton.

Sea of Thieves Dougie's skeleton.

He tells you his name is Dougie, and about how he was robbed and betrayed. At the end of his sob story he will ask you to retrieve his chest.

It is easy to find right near the entrance of the tavern, in front of a path made of planks. Dig around until you find it, and bring it back to Dougie.

Dougie will give you his key to open the chest. Inside will be his key. Huzzah! But what do you do with it? Next to the tavern is another wrecked ship. The stern (rear) of the ship is cracked open, and inside are the two skeletons playing chess.

Light the candle on the table, and scene will play out, where one skeleton is out of grog. You will need to bring Captain Bones Special Recipe to refill his tankard, and the head of the Cursed Captain.

Once that is done, and for reasons that might not be your fault, one of the skeletons heads will suddenly explode. They will also now accept Dougie’s Coin as a buy in. Place the Cursed Captains head on the appropriate skeleton, and he will win the game of chess.

Your prize is a key, which opens the treasure room of a wrecked ship, near where Dougie had originally hid is treasure, at the beginning of that trail of spilled gold.

Now you’ve helped Poor Dougie, won a spooky game of chess, and raided a treasure vault. Not bad for a dishonest day’s work, eh Pirate?

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