Diablo 4 Werewolf or Werebear? Which Druid Shapeshifter Should You Choose?

If you're looking to shapeshift as a Druid, one of these is a better option than the other.

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As a Druid in Diablo 4 there are two shapeshifting options you can pick from when leveling up your skills, werebear and werewolf. Growing fur and smashing enemies as a giant animal sounds like a pretty good time if you ask me. If you’re feeling this is the way you want you build your Druid, but aren’t sure which form to take, we’ve got some key details for you.

Diablo 4 Werebear Breakdown

The werebear is a ground pounding and unstoppable fuzzy tank that can take out multiple enemies at a time. Built correctly, it can take you through late game bosses and dungeons with ease. It has built in skills that give you Fortify and Overpower, both buffing your health and damage output during battle. Its attacks can be a little slow, causing it to rely on combos more heavily than its wolf counterpart.

Werebear Pros

  • Higher HP.
  • Built in crowd control.
  • Built in Fortify.
  • Overpower damage.
  • Can actually work in later levels when built correctly.

Werebear Cons

  • Slow attacks.
  • Reliance on health potions if Fortify doesn’t stack.
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Diablo 4 Werewolf Breakdown

The werewolf is a fast attacker that can leap to different targets during the battle. With certain upgrades, its poisoned claws can eat through enemies even as you focus on others. It also has minor built in healing, great when you run out of potions or just need to top off. However, the werewolf has some serious longevity issues causing it to sorely lack any strength late game.

Werewolf Pros

  • Fast attack speed.
  • Jump from target to target.
  • Built in healing.
  • Built in poison.

Werewolf Cons

  • Falls off hard in the late game.
  • Easily overwhelmed by large mob groups.
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Which Druid Shapeshift Form Should You Choose?

Regardless of which you pick to start, werebear or werewolf, you can actually take both forms when leveling. You’ll have to get creative with your skill bar, but choosing one form doesn’t exclude you from taking skills of the other. There are even built in mechanics for changing from one form to the next and back again, buffing the use of both shapeshifting options.

With that said, unless there are significant buffs to the werewolf form, getting through the endgame can turn into a grinding nightmare. If you’re looking for all game sustainability, taking the werebear shapeshift is the way to go and is the shape I personally prefer. That way you can focus all your skill points in building it out, as well as taking additional attacks that can buff up the werebears weak points.

For a full guide on skills to take, check out our Druid class build. It’ll walk you through what’s best to take to easily make it through the later stages of the game without roaring in rage like a bear. If you need other in game assistance, we have a growing Diablo 4 guide library with Stronghold walkthroughs, riddle solutions, what different stats mean, and more.

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