Skyrim House of Horrors Walkthrough Guide

Looking to claim the Mace of Molag Bal? Here's how to complete Skyrim's House of Horrors quest to obtain it.

Looking to claim the Mace of Molag Bal? Here's how to complete Skyrim's House of Horrors quest to obtain it.

The House of Horrors is one of the darkest quests in Skyrim, and one of many Daedric Quests in the Elder Scrolls series in which you must complete tasks for Daedric Princes. Our walkthrough guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to complete this quest.

In this case, the House of Horrors quest begins with an ordinary vigilante named Tyranus, but it takes a wild, twisted turn for the worse. Molag Bal wants their revenge.

How to Complete House of Horrors in Skyrim

Find and Search the Abandoned House

House of Horrors can be initiated upon entering the city of Markarth and interacting with Tyranus outside of the abandoned house. He will ask if you know anything about the house, or if you have seen anyone come in or out.

Agree to help him search the house. When you reach the basement door, you’ll be locked out and unable to explore. Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of Enslavement, will command you to kill Tyranus, and the room will begin to violently shake.

You have no choice and must kill Tyranus to proceed. If you attempt to escape without doing so, Molag Bal will convince him to turn on you instead. Once Tyranus is killed, you can venture down into the basement to move House of Horrors forward.

Find and Free Logrolf the Willful in House of Horrors

When you get into the basement (the true house of horrors), you’ll be trapped in a case by Molag Bal, who will give further commands. He wants you to lure the Priest of Boethia to him for desecrating Molag Bal’s altar.

The Priest of Boethia, Logrolf the Willful, can be found in any one of the Forsworn camps. The location of these camps in House of Horrors is random but will be highlighted on your map.

When you reach him, you’ll discover that he must be freed, so defeat any surrounding hostiles and release him from his cell. Come prepared with your best weapons ready. Once he is freed, he will begin his trek back to the altar.

Torture and Kill Logrolf

Follow Logrolf the Willful back to the abandoned house and down to the altar. Molag Bal will trap Logrolf in his cage before giving you one final command in this house of horrors. He will hand you his mace and demand you beat Logrolf into submission.

On your first attempt, you will kill Logrolf before he has the chance to submit to Molag Bal, though he will be resurrected, granting you a second opportunity. This time, Logrolf will give in to the torture, after which you will be instructed to kill him — again.

Upon completing this final task for Molag Bal, he will grant you his mace, a Daedric Artifact, and the House of Horrors quest will be completed. He will vanish to Oblivion, and you can exit the house with your newfound toy.

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