This Waking Nightmare walkthrough guide tells you how to complete the Daedric quest in Skyrim and come one step closure to purchasing Heljarchen Hall.

Skyrim Waking Nightmare Walkthrough Guide

This Waking Nightmare walkthrough guide tells you how to complete the Daedric quest in Skyrim and come one step closure to purchasing Heljarchen Hall.
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Waking Nightmare is a Daedric questline in Skyrim that requires the Dragonborn to carry out tasks for Daedric Princes. Upon completion of Waking Nightmare, you will be rewarded with either Erandur as a follower or the Skill of Corruption.

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This Skyrim walkthrough guide will tell you how to complete Waking nightmare, as well as the loot you can gather along the way. 

How to Complete Waking Nightmare in Skyrim

Travel with Erandur to the Nightcaller Temple

To receive this quest, you will need to speak to Erandur in Dawnstar, who can be found in Windpeak Inn.

He will request that you travel to the Nightcaller Temple with him to cure the locals of their horrible recurring nightmares. Additionally, you can find a pair of Daedric Hearts to collect.

Travel with Erandur to the temple, where you will quickly face enemies depending on your level. Bring some powerful weapons, and you should be able to tear your way through this first wave.

Explore the Temple

Inside the temple, follow Erandur until you reach a blue barrier next to a couple of sleeping orcs. Erandur will tell you some of his backstory at the barrier before explaining that you will need to retrieve a book from the library to bypass it.

Fight your way past the Vaermina Devotees as you follow Erandur to the library. When you get there, locate the book, The Dreamstride. Then Erandur will lead you to the next location in Waking Nightmare, the laboratory. To finally get past the barrier, you’ll a potion called Vaermina’s Torpor.

Fight your way to the library alongside the priest, and snag the potion off of the corner shelf in the lab. Speak with Erandur, then drink the potion, after which you will be transported into a dream of Casimir, a Vaerminia Devotee.

Bypass the Barrier

As Casimir, you will be told to release the Miasma. Traverse the hallways of the temple, running past any combat, until you reach a dead end.

To your left, you should see a handle on a chain. Pull it to release the Miasma and bring you out of the dream. You will be on the opposite side of the barrier.

Grab the Common Soul Gem powering the barrier to let Erandur through. Follow Erandur deeper into the temple until you encounter Veren and Thorek, the two devotees you were alongside in your dream.

After some dialogue, a fight will break out. Assist Erandur in defeating the two devotees.

Make Your Choice to Conclude Waking Nightmare

After combat, Erandur will cast a spell in an attempt to destroy the Skull of Corruption. You will have a choice to make to end the Waking Nightmare quest.

You can either kill Erandur, allowing you to take the Skull of Corruption for yourself, or you can let him destroy the skull and gain him as a follower.

Regardless of your choice, Dawnstar’s citizens will be freed of their nightmares. Completing Waking Nightmare will also bring you one step closer to being able to purchase the Heljarchen Hall in Dawnstar, though “Kill the Giant” is also required for this.

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