Wondering where to find all of the Voidrunner stashes to unlock Verse's suit in Solar Ash? This guide has you covered with all of their locations.

Solar Ash Ironwood Basin Voidrunner Stashes: How to Unlock Verse’s Suit

Wondering where to find all of the Voidrunner stashes to unlock Verse's suit in Solar Ash? This guide has you covered with all of their locations.
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There are 5 Voidrunner Stashes in Ironwood Basin in Solar Ash. Since mobility is at the core of Solar Ash‘s gameplay, making Verse’s suit, Redshift Steeplechase, a must for getting around quickly. The suit reduces Rei’s dash cooldown by a significant margin, giving you almost double the uptime on boosting around levels.

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This Solar Ash guide will show you all of the Voidrunner stashes you’ll need to unlock Verse’s suit.

Like with the other cache collectibles in Solar Ash, nabbing these will go toward your total for the Reliquarian trophy/achievement. If any of these are your first, you’ll also get the Hobbyist Archaeologist trophy/achievement.

Ironwood Basin Stashes: How to Get Verse’s Suit in Solar Ash

The platforming in the Basin is a little more involved than the Broken Capital we go over in our Erving suit guide, and later suits are even tougher to acquire. Here’s everything you need to know about Verse’s suit.

Verse Suit Stash 1

You’ll see the first Voidrunner stash up and to the right of the first checkpoint.

To reach it, skate out onto the clouds just beyond the initial platform, avoiding the stairs on the left. Keep right along the cliff face, dodge the mine sitting in your way, then turn around and follow the plasma trail to a jump ramp.

The collectible is just across the chasm.

Verse Suit Stash 2

Return to the initial checkpoint, then take the stairs to the left. Follow the path of platforms through the trees.

You’ll soon arrive at a large pantheon. Keep left behind the building.

The stash rests quietly in the shade.

Verse’s Suit Stash 3

Head across the bridge from the pantheon to reach Cyd. Head up the stairs to her left, and follow the path across the clouds and more stairs.

Once past the checkpoint, head onto the clouds to the right of the grapple point, and follow the cliff face around, keeping left the whole way.

You’ll encounter a minefield beneath the eye door. Avoid it as best you can, or set them all off for safe passage up the platforms to the stash.

Verse’s Suit Stash 4

From the eye door Voidrunner stash, continue following the cliff face on your left side, making your way toward the ruins at the far right of the area.

Stay on the clouds and continue left until you can see the Voidrunner symbol near more mines.

Avoid these and travel down along the clouds until you find the stash in a cave beneath the ruins.

Verse’s Suit Stash 5

The final collectible lives on the ruin covered in tentacle monster. Make your way through the minefield to the climbable slime.

When you reach the opening beneath the monster’s head, look left to see a Voidrunner symbol.

Follow the cliff face around to see Verse’s final suit piece and resting place.

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And that’s where to find all of the Voidrunner stashes to unlock Verse’s suit in Solar Ash. For more tips and tricks, consider heading over to our Solar Ash guides hub, where we tell you how to unlock more suits and explain how to get all of the game’s endings.

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