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Sons of the Forest – Food Bunker Location

You're going to want to find the Food & Dining Bunker in Sons of the Forest. Here's how.

In a survival situation like Sons of the Forest, it’s important to know where the easy nutrition is. The Food and Dining Bunker is easy to reach early in Sons of the Forest, and is a useful place to keep tabs on. Here’s where to find the Food and Drink Bunker.

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Soup’s On: The Food & Dining Bunker in Sons of the Forest

Once you find your GPS unit in Sons, right after you land, you’ll note that it’s got a few locations on it that are marked from the start with green circles. These are important parts of the island’s hidden architecture, although it takes a while to figure out why they matter, and to get the tools you need to get inside.

One of those locations is the Food and Dining Bunker. This isn’t a difficult place to reach, as it’s a decent distance away from the cannibals’ established settlements and is relatively close to a couple of nearby roads.

It’s also got a story to tell, as you’ll be able to tell once you go inside. I’m particularly fond of the dead humans in hazmat suits that have been carefully hung in the wrecked walk-in freezer.

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On your first visit, when your GPS tells you exactly where to go, look for the narrow gap in a cliff wall next to the two wrecked golf carts. Follow the cavern trail to the hatch in the floor and climb down it to find the food and drink bunker’s warehouse.

Here you’ll initially find more questions than answers, as well as a locked door. There’s a lot of salvageable food, however, including two oysters, three chunks of raw meat, two energy bars, two boxes of cereal, two cups of ramen, and an assortment of steak, bacon, and, uh, brain bites.

Like all other fixed items in Sons of the Forest, the food and drink bunker’s supplies will respawn after a few days. Early in the game when you don’t reliably know where your next meal’s coming from, the food bunker’s a good place to stock up. I like to set up a campfire right outside to smoke the raw meat before I do much of anything else, as otherwise, it’s prone to spoil.

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A little later on, you can return to the Food & Dining Bunker with the Maintenance Keycard to open its locked door. This lets you learn a few new secrets about the island and pick up some other useful tools, like the crossbow and the VIP Keycard, but it also turns off the bunker’s GPS beacon.

If you decide to return there later, the Food Bunker can be a lot harder to find, since there aren’t any good landmarks nearby. I tend to find it by going to the beach on the northwest side of the island, in the general area near where you find the first pistol. From there, head roughly northeast and look for the bunker’s entrance north of the big lake that connects to the beach.

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As an alternative, the first time you visit the food bunker, you can use a tarp and a stick to create a crude shelter right outside. This labels the area with a shelter icon on your GPS, which lets you find your way back to it with minimal hassle. If you’re looking for something a little less conspicuous, you can also use one of your GPS Locators.

That’s how to find the Food and Safety Bunker in Sons of the Forest, also known as the food bunker or the food and drink bunker. For more survival tips, check out our dedicated game hub.

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