This guide shows you where to find the first Pistol in Sons of the Forest, which can be grabbed early in the game, as well as the second Pistol you can find later.

Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Pistol

This guide shows you where to find the first Pistol in Sons of the Forest, which can be grabbed early in the game, as well as the second Pistol you can find later.

Once you know where to find the Pistol in Sons of the Forest, you can pick up a ranged weapon that luckily has ammo scattered throughout the island for you to find in loot locations, generally on bodies or in storage containers. You can also choose to give your Pistol to Virginia after befriending her for help.

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How to Get the Pistol in Sons of the Forest

Pistol Location 1

Perhaps the best feature of obtaining the Pistol is that you won’t need to get any other items before you can reach it. It helps to have the Wetsuit for faster swimming, but you’ll be perfectly able to grab the Pistol without it. You’ll be able to find the Pistol at the location circled on the map below. It’s also one of the purple markers on your GPS Tracker in-game.

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The GPS marker will take you to a beach where you’ll see an orange life raft in the distance.

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If you have the Wetsuit, put it on and head to the raft. Depending on your difficulty settings, you’ll find sharks around the raft, but you can get onto it and back to shore without being hit by them.

Once on the raft, you’ll find a body with another GPS Tracker (which you can give to Virginia to see her on the map). Near the body, you’ll also see the Pistol. Pick it up, and you’ll have another weapon in your arsenal.

Pistol Location 2

Another Pistol is located in the same cave where you’ll find the Katana.

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To get to the second Pistol (and the Katana) you’ll need to have the Maintenance Keycard. Once you’re in the cave, go down the stairs until you reach a door that uses this keycard to unlock. Continue your descent until you reach another door and enter it. Just like with the Katana, a cutscene will play and block your path back.

As you continue into the lab, you’ll find that there are doors open on your right. I suggest checking every available room since you’ll find useful equipment other than the Pistol, such as food, a Putter, and a 3D Printer.

The Pistol itself you’ll find in the center of first open room by a corpse, and as an added bonus, you can pick up another Pistol Rail Attachment and Flashlight Attachment there as well.

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How to Get Pistol Ammo

Finding 9mm ammo for your Pistol won’t be easy. Take note of areas that have more than one container for you to open and check them for Pistol ammo. You may have better luck finding these spots in caves.

You may also get Pistol ammo from the skin pouches looted off dead cannibals. These are riskier to get than searching for containers, but it’s even more incentive to loot the bodies of your enemies.

If you want the protection but don’t want to bother with the hunt for 9mm ammo, just give your Pistol to Virginia and watch her work. Maybe she pulls ammo out of thin air, maybe it’s just video game logic, but you do not have to supply her with ammunition to get her to make good use of the gun.

The location for where to find the Pistol in Sons of the Forest isn’t too inconvenient, but depending on where your crash site is, you might have a fair distance to travel. Our ever-growing collection of Sons of the Forest guides can help you befriend Virginia so you can get her help with fighting, or you can find out how to get the Shovel, which is needed to complete the game.

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