Sons of the Forest: Maintenance Keycard Location

The Maintenance Keycard location in Sons of the Forest is important to know since it unlocks more areas of Site 2.

The Maintenance Keycard location in Sons of the Forest can only be accessed after you’ve picked up the Shovel. However, you’ll be able to begin exploring the man-made structures hidden underground, which will allow you to complete the game.

The Maintenance Keycard Location in Sons of the Forest

While exploring the island called Site 2, you may have come across areas that have equipment around them, but not much else. One of these sites is marked with a green circle on your GPS tracker and found to the north of the cave in which you’ll get the Shovel.

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You’ll find an area of dirt at this spot that has a shovel symbol appear when you look at it. If you start digging, you’ll uncover a hatch that is revealed as Maintenance A once you get inside.

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Inside, you’ll find a room on the right as you go through the corridor. It seems to be a living area, and across the room, you’ll see a 3D Printer.

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The Maintenance Keycard is on the desk to the right of the Printer, so you can go ahead and grab it. From here, you’ll be able to uncover more secrets on Site 2 and learn about what really happened to everybody living and working there.

Since you’ll need a few items before you can get the Shovel, and therefore the Maintenance Keycard, you might want to check out our Sons of the Forest guides for finding the Rebreather and the Rope Gun, both of which are required to reach the Shovel.

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Published Mar. 8th 2023

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