Sons of the Forest: How to Find the 3D Printer

Sons of the Forest includes a 3D Printer that can be necessary to create some crafted items.

Sons of the Forest includes crafting options and tools that weren’t part of Endnight Game’s previous title, The Forest. Perhaps one of the more interesting new crafting tools is the 3D Printer, which can seem like it’s misplaced on an island of cannibals. However, you might find it useful for crafting if you have the resin to use it.

The 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest isn’t something you can build anywhere on the island. In fact, you can’t even move it from its location. Instead, you’ll need to gather the Printer Resin you can find at the crash site or in crates around the island and make your way to the Printer to craft what you need.

Where to Find the 3D Printer Location in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest features multiple 3D Printers hidden on the island referred to as Site 2. So far, we've found two of the Printers, but we'll be updating this guide if/when we find more.

Location 1

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The 3D Printer location is deceptively simple in Sons of the Forest, as the game tells you where it is through a map marker. If you open your GPS Tracker (M/Unbound by default), there’s a green dot not far from the crash site. At the location of the green dot, you’ll find a cave. Head inside.

The rocky section of the cave will give way to a more modern interior. While it’s dark, I haven’t seen cannibals inside at any point I've been there, so you should be relatively safe. The room with the Printer is the first room you’ll come across.

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From there, you can go ahead and begin crafting items or item components using the printer if you have enough Resin with you. You might also find some Resin in the room. There’s even a bed you can use to save your game and avoid losing progress after gathering your newly printed items. Some players have even found there's a glitch for crafting multiple items via save/load.

Location 2

The second location requires you to have the Shovel as you'll need to dig up the Maintenance A entrance hatch at the location circled below. It's North of the cave where you find the Shovel.

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Inside, you'll come across a side room that looks like it was once the residence of a worker on Site 2. That room has a 3D Printer, and it also has a bed in the next room so you can save your progress.

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Location 3

This printer is located at the point circled on the map below, and it’s also one of the green markers on your in-game GPS Tracker.

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You’ll need the Shovel to reach the printer, as you’ll find that the entrance has to be dug up. 

Inside the Maintenance Hatch, there’s a warmly lit room with a 3D Printer across the room. However, if you continue deeper into these living quarters, you can also grab the Compound Bow before leaving.

Location 4

The final printer location is tucked in with this cluster of weapons circled on the map below.

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For this printer, you need the Maintenance Keycard. After you enter the cave, descend the stairs until you reach a door that uses the keycard to unlock. Go down more stairs to reach the next door, and a cutscene will play after you open it.

After the cutscene, the door you entered through is now blocked, but that’s fine. You want to go through the only open door that takes you deeper into the facility, and you’ll find that there are rooms on the right side of the hall with their doors opened, and in those rooms, you’ll find the printer.

However, I’d recommend going inside every open room you can at this point because you’ll be able to pick up items that are more useful than the printer is at this stage of the game, like the Katana, a Pistol, and the Golden Armor.

And that's how to find two of the 3D Printers in Sons of the Forest. The survival-horror game is similar to its predecessor in many ways, but it also has different features from The Forest. As the game is in Early Access, we’re constantly expanding our collection of Sons of the Forest guides, and you can check out other topics like how to find the Flashlight or how to turn on Big Head mode for adorable animals.

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Published Mar. 23rd 2023

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