Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Shovel

In Sons of the Forest, knowing how to get the Shovel is essential for progressing in the story.

Knowing how to get the Shovel in Sons of the Forest opens up the ability to complete the game by allowing you to start getting keycards. However, before you can reach the Shovel, you need to get both the Rope Gun and the Rebreather.

How to Get the Shovel in Sons of the Forest

The cave entrance for the Shovel is circled on the map shown below.

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If you haven’t picked it up already, you can grab the Slingshot from in front of the cave where there are three corpses on pikes.

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Then, much like the other caves, you’ll have to break the boards in front of the entrance with a weapon before you can go inside. The first thing you want to do is use the Rope Gun to enter the first main cavern using the rope attached to the left side of the entrance.

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Once you’re inside, put on the Rebreather if you haven’t already. Enter the water and dive towards the right where you’ll find a path to follow.

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The next cavern has many mutants, so it’s a good idea to prepare to fight with weapons that can hit multiple enemies at once like Grenades or Tech Bombs. Take the ascending path when you finish clearing the area, and you’ll reach a section where you slide down to another cavern.

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Here, you can continue forward to another water section. Dive again, and then keep going through the cave system until you reach the Shovel.

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To leave the cave, you need to backtrack until a monster breaks the rocks of a wall next to you. Kill it and enter the newly opened path. It will lead you right to the exit.

With the Shovel in your possession, you can begin exploring more of the island as you can now open entrances to areas such as those once intended to be used for maintenance. As you progress in the game, you might want to check out more Sons of the Forest guides such as how to find the 3D Printer or our best weapons tier list.

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Published Mar. 6th 2023

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