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Sons of the Forest: How to Place GPS Locators

Here's how to turn a GPS Locator and a stick into a useful map beacon.

Your first goal in Endnight’s survival horror adventure Sons of the Forest is to track down and retrieve the GPS Locators held by several less lucky members of your character’s strike team. Once you’ve got them, though, what good are they? Here’s how to place GPS locations in Sons of the Forest.

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Getting On the Map: Placing GPS Locators in Sons of the Forest

You end up with three GPS Locators after you’ve found all three members of your team. You can equip them from your inventory, and change the icon that displays on their face by right-clicking while you’re holding one, but you can’t simply use or drop a Locator.

The first use you might run into for one of them comes from befriending Virginia Puffton. Once you have the ability to give her items, such as clothing and equipment, you can equip her with one of your GPS Locators so her location appears on your map.

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That still leaves you with two Locators, however, and there are a lot of places on Sons of the Forest’s map where it might be useful to leave a map beacon. For example, I’ve found a number of abandoned campsites that I like to check every couple of days, because they’re reliable places to find slightly rare items like batteries.

There are a couple of informal workarounds for this, like building a lean-to, but a Locator is much faster and more easily reusable.

How to Place a DPS Locator in Sons of the Forest

To place a GPS Locator, equip a stick and face down. Right-click so your character will plant the stick in the ground at your feet, rather than snapping it for a campfire.

You can now go into your inventory screen, open the orange hard-shell briefcase on the upper left, and equip a GPS Locator.

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You can place the Locator on the planted stick to create a map beacon. Be sure to change the logo on the Locator so you have a better idea of whatever it is you labeled, just in case you have to put the game down for a while.

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In the event that you want to reclaim the GPS Locator, pull out your trusty axe. You can hit your beacon to destroy the stick, but the GPS Locator will drop to the ground so you can pick it back up.

That’s how to place a GPS Locator in Sons of the Forest. For more tips on how to navigate the island, check out our dedicated guides hub.

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