Knowing where to find the Guest Keycard location in Sons of the Forest can help you get the Chainsaw.

Sons of the Forest: Where to Find the Guest Keycard Location

Knowing where to find the Guest Keycard location in Sons of the Forest can help you get the Chainsaw.

The Guest Keycard is one of many keys in Sons of the Forest that gives you access to important supplies and equipment on the cannibal-infested island. Like other crucial items, though, it’s hard to find the Guest Keycard location if you don’t know where to look. This guide will tell you where to find it. 

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The biggest reason to find the Guest Keycard in Sons of the Forest is to get the Chainsaw, which you’ll find in the same underground facility. 

How to Get the Guest Keycard in Sons of the Forest

Before you do anything, however, you’ll need to grab the Maintenance Keycard. With that in-hand, you’ll head toward a cave on the western side of the map, along the river leading toward the beach and the gun rail pickup. 

You may have entered the cave previously because it’s one of the four 3D Printer locations. The cave for the Guest Keycard is circled on the map below.

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Instead of stopping at the room with the 3D Printer as you progress through the cave, continue into the bright corridor and to the locked door at the end. You can use the Maintenance Keycard to open the door and reveal what was once a Fitness Center.

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Head through the center of the room to an area that seems more like it was intended for relaxation than working out. Continue through that area and into the spacious room with two staircases. Go up to the second level.

On the opposite end of the swimming pool on the second level, you’ll see a Nightclub.

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In the nightclub, you’ll find a table with a group of bodies on the seats around it. The Guest Keycard is on that table.

Now that you know the Guest Keycard location in Sons of the Forest and have it in your possession, you can backtrack and find some supplies in the locked room in the Nightclub, or you can use our other Sons of the Forest guides to continue your journey, finding the Katana location or the Revolver location.

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