Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Chainsaw

The path for how to get the Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest is blocked by a keycard you'll need to find first.

In Sons of the Forest, how to get the Chainsaw is a little more difficult than getting items like the Pistol or Modern Axe. Since the Chainsaw is hidden behind a door that requires a keycard to open, you need to get both the Shovel and Maintenance Keycard first.

Where to Find the Chainsaw Location in Sons of the Forest

When you have the prerequisite items, you’ll head to the cave at the location circled below, which is also where you can find a 3D Printer. It's on the western side of the map, near the river leading to the beach where you'll find the gun rail. 

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Once in the cave, continue deeper and you’ll come across a double door that can be opened using the Maintenance Keycard to reveal a Gym.

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Head through the Gym, then left into the spa area. On the other side of the Spa area, you’ll find a large room with two staircases. Head up to the next floor using them, and you’ll be at a fancy swimming area.

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Continue to the Bar/Nightclub area at the far end of the swimming area. You can find the Guest Keycard on the table here. Pick that up, and turn right into the bright hall instead of going into the nightclub.

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Head through the hallway and to the opposite side of the room at the end where you’ll find an open door on the left wall. It leads into a little cinema room. You’ll find the Chainsaw embedded in the body of a man on one of the big yellow bean bag chairs.

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As the game grows progressively more difficult the deeper you head into Site 2, you can check out our Sons of the Forest guides for help in preparing by finding Creepy Armor or building Defensive Walls for protection against enemies.

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Published Mar. 17th 2023

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