Sons of the Forest: How to Build a Defensive Wall

You've got to protect yourself against cannibals in Sons of the Forest, here's how to build a defensive wall to do just that.

Much like in The Forest, Sons of the Forest lets you construct a base that goes beyond the default shelter options in your guide book. One essential piece of building a base is defensive walls, which have a spiked top to prevent cannibals from climbing over it. Despite the illustrations, how to build a defensive wall isn't entirely obvious so let's go over the exact steps through this guide.

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How to Build A Defensive Wall in Sons of the Forest

First, you’ll need to cut down some trees in order to gather logs, or you could duplicate logs infinitely. The number you need will vary depending on how big of a wall you’ll be building.

To chop down trees, equip your Axe from your inventory and strike a tree using the primary action button (LMB/RT by default).

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The tree will fall and break into pieces. You’ll want to either store them in a log storage to build later, or grab them one at a time to begin placing them to create your wall.

When you’re holding a log, look at the ground and you’ll see a dotted outline showing how the log will be placed if you decide to place it without further rotating or flipping it beforehand. Use the primary action button to place the log.

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After you place two logs, you’ll start to see a line along with the dotted lines that shows you the position that will keep the logs aligned to build a straight wall.

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Next, you’ll use your Axe to cut the top of the logs into points. To do this, you just need to look up while near the log you’re cutting to get red dotted lines to appear. When the lines appear, you’ll have to use the primary action button twice to cut a spiked top on the log.

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After doing this several times, you’ll have created your defensive wall. From here, you can continue building your base. Or you can check out our continuously growing collection of Sons of the Forest guides and learn the location of the 3D Printer or how to find the Stun Baton.

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Published Mar. 1st 2023

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