Sons of the Forest: How to Duplicate Logs Infinitely

Wondering how to dupe logs in Sons of the Forest? This guide has the steps.

In the current Early Access build of Sons of the Forest, you can duplicate logs infinitely. While it appears to be a glitch, it's also possible that developer Endnight Games included it on purpose; there are similar duplication exploits in the studio's previous game, The Forest, after all. Regardless if it's intended or not, if you're here, you're wondering how to dupe logs infinitely. 

Sons of the Forest Log Dupe Glitch Explained

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Duping logs isn't quite as straightforward as infinitely respawning items, but it's not too difficult, either. Here's how to take advantage of the log duplication glitch. However, there are several methods to try. It completely negates the tree regrowth mechanic that's key to the single-player experience.

It's important to note that these glitches seem to only work in multiplayer. I tried for nearly 30 minutes to get these to work in single-player and had no luck, but they worked immediately when I joined a multiplayer game

Method 1:

  • Chop down a tree with the Hand Axe or Modern Axe.
  • Collect four logs. 
  • Place two logs on the ground perpendicular to each other to create a corner.
  • Place on log straight up on the corner. 
  • Hold one log while looking down at the ground in the corner.
  • Place the log you're holding in the corner when you see a white circle outline.

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Getting the white circle outline to appear in the corner of the other logs can take quite a few attempts. And it requires a bit of patience. However, when you do get the white circle outline to appear on the ground, you should be able to place the log you're carrying over and over again, turning into a log duplication machine. 

Method 2:  

This is a variation on Method 1 but only requires you to place two logs instead of three. 

  • Place one log on the ground.
  • Place one log straight up on one end. 
  • Hold a third log and stand very close to the upright log.
  • Look for the white circle outline to appear.
  • Place the log you're holding. 

Method 3

There is a third method confirmed method, but it's the most involved. 

  • Cut one log into quarters.
  • Stack the quarters upright.
  • Place a full-sized log at the base of the stacked quarter logs, as you've done in the previous two methods. 

And that's how to duplicate logs in Sons of the Forest. This duplication glitch is a quick way to rack up hundreds of logs in no time at all. Will Endnight Games leave it or patch it out? It's hard to say this early in the game's life cycle. We'll be sure to update this guide if anything changes. Until then, head over to our tips hub for Sons of the Forest for more, such as how to enable Big Head mode.

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Published Mar. 17th 2023

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