The Scomp Link in Jedi Fallen order opens new pathways and crates. Here's how to get it.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Scomp Link Location Guide

The Scomp Link in Jedi Fallen order opens new pathways and crates. Here's how to get it.

In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you’ll find many different doors and treasure chests that can’t be opened without something called a “Scomp Link”. We’re going to tell you where to find it.

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The Scomp Link is an attachment for your buddy droid, BD-1, that allows him to slice panels that are usually too fortified for regular operation. It is essentially a key used to unlock certain doors and pathways in Jedi: Fallen Order.  

During your first encounter with BD-1 on Bogano, you’ll watch his original Scomp Link get damaged, leaving him without one to help you find treasure and bust through doors.

It isn’t terribly difficult to find a replacement Scomp Link, but you will need to get through the first planet (Bogano) and make your way to Zeffo, where you obtain the Force Push ability.

Once you’ve done that, follow this guide to find your way back through the icy planet to the location of the workbench where you pick up your new Scomp Link. We’ve even included a map to show you the exact location. 

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Scomp Link — How to Find It

Once you’ve completed the temple section on Zeffo (the one with the spheres and the wind), and you’ve unlocked Force Push, make your way back to your ship.

Fight the AT-ST if you’d like, or ignore it. Instead of getting onto your ship, travel right back through the Imperial-swarmed village that you traversed on your way into the hidden temple earlier.

You may have noticed passing a red-outlined door sometime after coming out of the village and skating down the first ice ramp on the approach into the mountains. The area is called the Windswept Ruins. That’s where you’ll need to return for the Scomp Link.

When you check your map, your surroundings should look something like the above image. After coming off the ice slide, there will be Stormtroopers in front of you, as well as some standing up on a small cliff to the left. Take them out and head toward the small cliff to the left. There is a small alcove to the left. 

Blow the door open with Force Push, and enter the structure called the Weathered Monument. Not soon after you venture inside, you’ll run across a workbench that allows you to install the Scomp Link onto BD-1.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Scomp Link  Why It’s Important

There are plenty of points leading up to this moment where you may have registered needing a Scomp Link to get through a door or get into a chest. Now you can go back and explore all of those spots in a very Metroidvania-esque fashion.

While you’ll be able to access new areas, get new lightsaber parts, acquire new ponchos, and find new skins for the Mantis and BD-1, the Scomp Link also comes in handy when you’re moving forward in the story as well. It’s mandatory to eventually pick up a Scomp Link in the main story if you haven’t yet picked it up earlier on. So you might as well do it now!

That’s it for our guide on how to find the Scomp Link in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order! Stay tuned to GameSkinny for our upcoming review of the newest single-player Star Wars experience on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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