Starfield: Best Places to Farm Aurora

Aurora is a high value piece of contraband in Starfield. Here are the best places to farm it.

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Aurora is the only chem in Starfield that’s listed as contraband. A unique drug made from the oil of the fish found on Neon, Benjamin Bayu has had a vice grip on its collection and distribution for some time. However, there are a few locations throughout the Settled Systems where you can gather large amounts of the stuff if you’re looking for it. Here are the best places to farm Aurora in Starfield.

Best Places to Farm Aurora in Starfield

There are two places where you can find large amounts of Aurora Starfield. While you don’t have to steal it, you have to kill a lot of enemies to get all the goods. You’ll also want to stock up on Digipicks for both locations, as there are plenty of locked areas to loot and plunder.

Aurora Farming Location 1: Sonny Di Falco’s Island

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The first Aurora farming location in Starfield is Sonny Di Falco’s Estate on Maheo 1. The Maheo system is tricky to find, but it’s right under Cheyenne. Similar to Volo, hover over Cheyenne to see Maheo pop up. The estate itself won’t pop up as a named icon, but there will be a Structure marker on the planet that you can visit. Once you land and discover the location, it will change to Sonny Di Falco’s Island when looking at it from your ship.

Sonny seems to have thrown a party, but you’re not the first to crash it. Crimson Fleet pirates have already taken out the guests and Sonny himself. These are lower-level enemies here, so there’s little need to worry about combat (the highest one I encountered was Level 22). For the most part, however, the various groups are a mix of Level 6 and Level 16 pirates, making this a good stopping point during the early game to stock up on the chem.

Make sure to check every nook and cranny on Sonny’s island. Some locations and hidden areas are concealed by plants, found under chairs, and even in red party cups. By the time I left the island, I had 26 containers of Aurora to sell. That’s on top of the other chems I located throughout the estate, tons of alcohol bottles, and plenty of food items.

Aurora Farming Location 2: Vulture’s Roost

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The second location is Vulture’s Roost. The Ecliptic base is located in the Jaffa system and filled with contraband. This area has higher-level enemies, up to Level 36. Indeed, there are far more enemies here than at Sonny’s. Somewhat ironically, the amount of Aurora found at Vultuier’s Roost is lower, as well.

This doesn’t mean it’s a bad place to check out, though. The other items you can loot from the complex make up for the smaller Aurora haul. You especially want a lot of Digipicks here; I was only able to explore about two-thirds of the area before I ran out. While I left with nine vials of the target chem, there may be more locked away.

Those are the best places to farm Aurora in Starfield that I’ve found. More may appear on planets in higher-level systems, such as Hawking or Archimedes. If you plan to sell all vials, check out our best places to offload contraband. We also have how to sell contraband, other resource farming locations, and quest walkthroughs in our Starfield guides vault.

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