Starfield: Where to Find Vulture’s Roost

Vulture's Roost is an Ecliptic hideout worth the visit in Starfield. Here's where to find it.

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Whether you’ve learned of Vulture’s Roost during your playthrough of Starfield or randomly came upon it, the Ecliptic Base makes for a great farming location. Filled with contraband, enemies to kill, and locks to pick, you can rack up the credits and the EXP in one spot. Locating it can take a little doing, however. Here’s where to find Vulture’s Roost in Starfield.

Where to Find Vulture’s Roost in Starfield

Vulture’s Roost can be found in the Jaffa system, located above Porrima. Once in the system, head to Jaffa 4, which should already have a marker for the base. You’ll be able to set down right on the landing pad in front of the complex.

Vulture’s Roost itself is a massive set of buildings with covered exterior areas, outside stairs, and a smaller separate building. There will be many Ecliptic mercenaries hanging around — both outside and inside the buildings — that range from Level 5 up to Level 35.

I was already above Level 50 by the time I explored here, so I didn’t find it too challenging, though your mileage may vary. If you take a companion with you, it can make clearing the higher-level enemies easier, as well as add additional carry weight for you to utilize. The reason you want to visit Vulture’s Roost is simple: Credits.

The Vulture’s Roost Goldmine

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Vulture’s Roost is a goldmine. Just about every enemy has credits on them, and many have higher rarity weapons with values north of 10,000 credits. Not only that but there are Credstiks littered everywhere. Then you add in any contraband, including Aurora, and you’re swimming in the dough.

As a note, however: You’ll want to have a large stock of Digipicks before flying to the base. There are numerous locked doors, cages, safes, and computers to get through in this location. I only had a few when I initially visited Vulture’s Roost, and I only found about four more inside. Even then, I came out with over 10 containers of Aurora, Harvested Organs, Stolen Artwork, Mech Components, and Xenowarfare Tech.

Level Up Fast at Vulture’s Roost

In addition to the amount of money you can make from this location, the experience you can earn is high, as well. Tons of locks to pick and enemies to kill make it a double whammy when it comes to farming. The only downside is that Vulture’s Roost doesn’t seem to reset. I revisited it after 96 hours, and it was still vacant (though the bodies had disappeared). It may respawn at some point, but I can’t confirm if it does.

That’s where to find the Vulture’s Roost in Starfield. For more area locations, how to find certain planets, or the best item farming spots, check out our guides library.

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