Starfield: 10 Best Ships in the Game

Starfield has some awesome ships to check out and here are 10 of the best ones we've found.

Starfield has a ton of ships to encounter throughout the game, and whether you’re a pirate of the Crimson Fleet or trying to rid the galaxy of evil, you can find yourself with the chance to steal a good amount of them. Figuring out which to keep and which to sell is a tough one, though, so we’re here for you with the 10 best ships in Starfield.

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10 Best Ships in Starfield

10. Dragonfire II

The Dragonfire II is one of the coolest-looking ships in the game, and it comes equipped with room for seven crew members, making it one of the most spacious options available. You can grab it for 360,000 Credits, which is a tough ask. The crew room, combined with its max-powered particle cannon and high shield capacity, makes this a great target after acquiring a haul of credits from one of the lengthy side missions in the game. You can acquire it on Ixyll II.

9. Narwhal

The Narwhal is another sleek-looking ship that will break the bank when it comes to credits. It costs you 450,000 Credits, which is a hefty sum. Much like the Dragonfire, you can hold seven crew members here, and it has both outstanding shield capacity and is also equipped with one of the most powerful lasers in the game. You also have good speed and maneuverability with the Narwhal despite its size. You can get this one at Taiyo Astroneering. If you can afford the price, you’ll have a ship that can handle all of your space fairing needs and survive the journey thanks to its extremely strong hull.

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8. Razorleaf

Razorleaf is one of the first really great ships you’ll find in Starfield, it just requires a lengthy mission to get it. You will find a message on a random body early on that tells you to find the Secret Outpost. Follow it and complete the mission within to get this great ship. It’s completely free and has a special ability built in that causes anyone from the Crimson Fleet or Ecliptic to flee on occasion if they spot you, as The Mantis is a revered bounty hunter that few people want to mess with. It’s not the most powerful ship by any means, but with a solid hull and 3 weapons attached, you can find yourself on the winning end of many early encounters when piloting the Razorleaf.

7. Renegade III

At an absurd 490,000 Credits, you can see why some players may not be willing to pony up for this beast of a ship. However, if you have the means, you will get an incredible ship that comes equipped with 6 crew capacity, max-powered laser weapons, near-max ballistics, and a full power shield to boot. When it comes to tough combat encounters in space, the Renegade III is up to the challenge every time. You can find it at most vendors, though New Atlantis is where I saw it first available. It has a very powerful hull and can handle multiple enemy ships with ease, so be sure to helm this one when headed into big battles, like the end of the Crimson Fleet storyline, for example.

6. Shieldbreaker

Shieldbreaker is a ship meant to get in and get out fast, leaving nothing but busted metal floating through space. Bought for a modest price of 250,000 Credits on New Atlantis, you can absolutely tear through some of the early to mid-level ship battles with the Shieldbreaker. It’s got one of the best laser weapon ratings in the game and has a decent enough hull and shield rating to keep you alive. The best part of the ship is the maneuverability, allowing you to easily turn the tables during a ship-to-ship battle by flying circles around your enemies.

5. Watchdog IV

I don’t know about you, but I like my ships fast and affordable, and that’s what you get with the Watchdog IV. You can purchase it for 200,000 Credits at most shipsellers in Starfield, and it’s one of the most fun to pilot in the entire game. You can carry six crew members, and it has a pretty solid amount of cargo space and hull rating to boot. The real value with the Watchdog IV is in combat. You have three very powerful weapons here, and the ballistics cannon alone will shred your enemies in seconds. Maneuverability is also outstanding here, and you can zip through space with ease and not have to worry about your fuel running low when you’re trying to get the jump on a cluster of enemy ships.

4. Dullahan III

The Dullahan III is a tank of a ship and a pretty affordable one at that. You can grab this one from Hopetech for 220,00 Credits, and it’s one of the most affordable and effective combat ships in the game. Along with the great crew capacity of seven, you’ll get incredible powerful ballistic weapons here, along with outstanding shield capacity, a top-notch Grav drive, and incredible maneuverability for a ship this size. You will need to move around in short bursts with this ship, but the ridiculous combat power combined with its defensive capabilities mean you won’t have to worry about dodging all that much when you’re in a firefight.

3. Starborn Guardian

This is a bit of a spoiler, but you’ll start your New Game Plus with this ship already in tow. Depending on your play speed, that could be anywhere from 30 to 400 hours of game time before you acquire it. Once you do, you will have access to three unique weapons, an incredible shield and hull combo and arguably the best maneuverability in the entire game. You also get five crew capacity here as well, allowing your party to come along for the ride. It’s worth using for the Solar Flare Beam weapon alone, and the design is one of the most unique in the entire game.

2. Vanquisher III

With a price of 490,000 Credits, you might not get your hands on this one for quite a while. Once you do, you’ll have access to one of the best overall ships in the game. The highlight here is the ridiculous 4,120 cargo size, but it doesn’t stop there. You have an extremely powerful hull, top-level shielding, Grav drive and engine ratings and a very effective particle cannon on top of that. It’s purchasable from New Atlantis, but it’ll likely be a bit before you bring in that kind of income. For those who want a floating fortress for their ship, there are few better options than the Vanquisher III.

1. Space Ox III

You might not think a ship that you can buy in Neon for 250,000 Credits is the best ship in the game, but hear me out. The Space Ox III is a complete monster when it comes to combat. For most of us, that’s what we’ll need our ships for. With max-rated ballistics, energy weapons, and an extremely powerful laser as well, there is no better all-around combat ship in the game. You also have great shield capacity, a powerful hull, and solid maneuverability. The looks are modest, but you make up for it with your arsenal that will shred any enemy in front of you in seconds. There is also a huge 2,760 cargo capacity, so those long journeys won’t be held up by not being able to pick up valuable items.

These are our picks for the top 10 ships in Starfield and you can find a ton of other ships in Starfield that you might consider the best. For more information on Starfield’s best ships, quests, and other fun tips, check out our guides hub.

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