Starfield: What Happened to Earth?

Earth as we know it, no longer exists in Starfield.

In Starfield, Earth is no longer the hub of humanity. It’s a barren, desolate rock floating through space. With so much of the game’s lore riding on the fact that humans had to leave the planet, it makes you wonder what happened to Earth? Here’s what we know about what happened to Earth in Starfield.

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What Happened to Earth in Starfield?

During The Old Neighborhood quest, you get a chance to ask Sarah what happened to Earth. She states the planet lost its atmosphere, leaving the inhabitants only 50 years to relocate to another system. If you read the book Omega: The Last Days, it seems like a comet may have come close to or struck the Earth, causing irreparable damage. Once the atmosphere was gone it was only a matter of time before the planet became unable to support life.

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Timeline of Earth’s Destruction

It takes some time for Earth’s downfall to finish. Here’s the timeline as we know it:

  • 2100: Humans begin living in space
  • 2150: The destruction of Earth is first predicted
  • 2203: Earth is fully uninhabitable
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Visiting Earth

Unlike Gas or Ice Giants, you can still land on Earth. It does have some resources and traits to discover, so you’ll have to go planet side if you want to complete the survey. There’s not a whole lot to see aside from the endless desert left behind. While you’re there, you can still visit ancient landmarks, such as the Shard in London and the Pyramids.

All Earth Landmarks

  • London Landmark: The Shard
  • Cairo Landmark: Pyramids
  • New York Landmark: The Empire State Building
  • St. Louis Landmark: The Gateway Arch
  • Shanghai Landmark: The Shanghai Tower
  • Hong Kong Landmark: The International Commerce Center
  • NASA Launch Tower

That’s what happened to Earth in Starfield. You can still see remnants of humans former glory when you visit the planet, but it’s no longer full of life. For more on Earth landmarks, how to upgrade your ship, or complete main story quests, take a look at our Starfield guide library.

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