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Starfield: Where to Find HopeTech

HopeTech develops ship parts in league with Staryard and Stroud-Eklund in Starfield.

HopeTech is one of the main designers of spaceships and parts in Starfield. A location you’ll frequently visit as part of various quests, it can be hard to track down initially. Once found, however, it’s a location that’s incredibly easy to visit and never more than a few jumps away. Here’s where to find Hopetech in Starfield.

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Where to Find HopeTech in Starfield

HopeTech is headquartered in HopeTown. Both are named after Ron Hope, who established the starship factory. HopeTown can be found on Polvo in the Valo system. It’s the only settlement on the planet, and its location is always marked.

Once you land, you’ll find there are only a few buildings to explore. HopeTech is the largest of them, found behind all the other locations off to the right side of the area. It has a large sign and is secured by guards, which makes it hard to miss.

If you’re looking to find Ron Hope, he’s either located in his office or on the factory floor. His office is at the top of the building, while the factory can be entered using the door behind the entrance desk. If you’re following a questline, he should have the quest marker pointing you to his location.

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Where to Buy HopeTech Ships and Parts

If you’re looking to buy a brand-spanking-new ship directly from HopeTech, you’ll need to head to their headquarters in HopeTown. You can speak with any of the sales associates to look at available models. Ship parts built by the company can be purchased through any ship services technician at a staryard when modifying your vessels.

That’s where to find HopeTech in Starfield, as well as where to purchase ships and parts made by the developer. For help with other locations, how to join the Freestar Rangers, or where to find items for the Coe Heritage Museum, take a look through our guides library.

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