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Starfield: Where to Find HopeTown

HopeTown and HopeTech are beacons of light in Starfield.

HopeTown is a small settlement on a barren rock in Starfield. The headquarters of HopeTech, Ron Hope took the lifeless area and has made it a hub of starship enterprise. One of the leaders in the industry, rivaling even Stroud-Eklund, it supports hundreds of workers and their families. Here’s where to find HopeTown in Starfield.

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Where to Find HopeTown in Starfield

HopeTown is the namesake location of the Hope family, who own and operate HopeTech. Starship manufacturers, they support many workers with the factory. You’ll find HopeTown on Polvo in the Valo system, the settlement has only a handful of buildings. Since Valo is a small system, it gets overshadowed by Narion. When selecting the system in the galaxy map, hover over Narion, and you’ll see Valo pop up.

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HopeTown Locations

There are only a few buildings in HopeTown. While it may not be the biggest city in the game, you’ll end up here for a few different quests. This includes the Free Rangers storyline, as well as Burden of Proof for SysDef. You can also purchase ship upgrades or a whole new vessel directly from the HopeTech Headquarters.

  • HopeTech
  • Pit Stop
  • Best Defense
  • Free Rangers Building

There’s also a side quest to help a fellow ship captain with the Tracker Alliance. If you’re looking to sell suspicious goods, you’ll find an agent for the Trade Authority inside the Pit Stop. He’s often sitting in the lounge chairs near the entrance. Phil Hill from L.I.S.T. also appears here.

If you make it through the Free Rangers questline, you’ll return here, though it won’t be under the best circumstances. You’ll need to make some tough decisions that’ll impact various SSNN newsfeeds as well as the future of the residents of HopeTown.

That’s where to find HopeTown in Starfield and all you can hope to do there. For related quest walkthroughs, other location help, or what the best ships in the game are, check out our burgeoning guide vault.

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