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Starfield Burden of Proof: Where to Find All Evidence Locations

Finding all the evidence for Burden of Proof in Starfield is a feat unto itself.

During the SysDef mission to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet in Starfield, you’ll also be tasked with gathering evidence for the quest Burden of Proof. With multiple pieces of evidence to be found during the storyline, it can be a bit of a hassle keeping track of what is located where. Here’s where to find all the Burden of Proof evidence locations in Starfield.

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All Burden of Proof Evidence Locations in Starfield

You’ll start collecting evidence on the Crimson Fleet, as well as those they associate with. Lt. Toft of SysDef is your point of contact, and speaking with her on the UC Vigilance registers it to your mission log. She also reveals that each piece of evidence will earn you 3,000 credits each. You can turn in the documentation each time you visit the starship, or you can wait until you’ve obtained them all.

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To complete Burden of Proof, you must find the necessary evidence pieces throughout the questline. These are the ones you can’t miss during the mission, such as Carter’s Gig. There are 20 pieces total, either written or verbal conversations on slates. Some are found while completing story missions, while others are discovered during side quests. This is one of the longer quests in the game.

Story Line Quest Evidence

Deep Cover — Naeva Meetup Evidence

During Deep Cover, talk with Adler Kemp. He’s your in for the Crimson Fleet and can be found lounging at the top of the Broken Spear near a table. The Naeva Meetup Burden of Proof evidence is on the desk behind him. It’s in a folder to the right of the word “sucks.”

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Echoes of the Past — Carter’s Gig, Warden’s Log Evidence

Echoes of the Past brings you to The Lock. You’ll be able to find two pieces of evidence inside, as well as plenty of enemies. Stock up on healing items and digipicks before going planetside.

To find Carter’s Gig, progress by unlocking Jasper Kryx’s cell and searching it for a clue to Kryx’s Legacy. Remove the lamp from its base, revealing a slate to access Carter’s locker. This is part of the quest, so you’ll be shown the way. Inside his locker, grab the evidence slate, which is near some Credstiks and a Heart+.

The Warden’s Log is a bit harder to find since the jail is quite labyrinthian. Make your way to the Warden’s Office, located near the Barracks. Inside, you’ll find the slate on a pile of machines under a broken T.V. screen.

Breaking the Bank — GalBank Plan, Request Denied Evidence

On the Siren of the Stars, found orbiting Aranae IV in the Aranae system, you’ll obtain the GalBank Plan by progressing the mission. Request Denied is in the captain’s quarters, located in the crew quarters you start in. It’s to the right of the Boom! Pop vending machine. The slate is in the bedroom on a shelf.

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The Best There Is — Huan’s Talk, Eubanks & Woods Evidence

In The Well in New Atlantis, the Huan’s Talk Burden of Proof evidence slate is in the back of Kay’s House in the kitchen. Once you’ve reached Dr. Gabriel Vogel on SY-920 by progressing the mission, there will be a slate in the room on a cart near some computers. You may have to check a couple of rooms depending on where you find Vogel.

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Absolute Power — Big Score, Meeting with Bayu, Ayumi’s Offer Evidence

Madame Sauvage’s Place in Ebbside is the first stop. Open the door to the left in the main room, and the Big Score slate is to the left of the bed. Meeting with Bayu is obtained by heading to Generdyne in the Trade Tower in Bayu Plaza. You’ll need Digipicks and a high Security skill as the safe you need to access is a Master rating.

Ayumi’s Offer can be found by paying Myka at Euphorika in Ebbside for access to the Member’s Lounge. The slate is behind the bartender in front of bottles of wine.

Eye of the Storm — GBLR013: Mortem Obire evidence

The final main questline piece of evidence is a slate found near Jasper Kryx’s dead body on the Legacy.

Side Quest Evidence

There are two side quests you can pick up at The Key. You can take on the Doctor’s Orders mission at the Medbay after completing Echoes of the Past. To get Bog’s quest, finish Breaking the Bank.

Doctor’s Orders — Gennady Ayton Evidence

The quest for Samira Mizrah takes you to The Clinic in the Narion system. Behind Gennady, you’ll find the Burden of Proof evidence slate in the stack of electronics to the right of his desk.

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Reclaiming the Past — Message for Bog Evidence

After finishing Breaking the Bank, you’ll find that Bog, the barkeep of The Last Nova, is in a foul mood. Speaking with him logs the Reclaiming the Past side quest, where you need to get his former lover’s ring back. There will be a military crate at the Abandoned Ecliptic Base that contains the Message for Bog.

Location Specific Evidence

These last seven pieces of evidence for Burden of Proof can be obtained at any time during the storyline. They’re related to specific locations in the Settled Systems instead of missions.

The Key — Request A17 Evidence

Behind Jazz in the Ship Services area, you’ll find this slate. It’s to the right of her computer.

The Key — Mira’s Demise Evidence

In the Bunks area, look for a room with weights on the right and a bed on the left. Mira’s Demise slate is on the small table in front of the bed.

The Key — Voss’s Parts Evidence

In the Operations Center, where you speak with Delgado after Echoes of the Past, is Voss’s Parts slate. It’s off to the left of Delgado’s computer on top of the console.

Red Mile — Chunks Heist Evidence

Head to the Red Mile to find the Chunks Heist slate on the left side of the bar in the main room.

The Den — Kreet Offer Evidence

The Den is a space station in the Wolf system. The slate will be on the middle table in front of the Open sign.

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HopeTown — HopeTown Raid Evidence

Head to HopeTown on Polvo in the Valo system. The Burden of Proof evidence slate is in the Pit Stop, on the ride side of the bar. It’ll be near where the tracker is (or was).

Gagarin Landing — Chiroptera Evidence

Gagarin Landing is located on Gagarin in the Alpha Centauri system. Head all the way to the back of the colony to the bar to find the slate on the right side of the counter.

Those are all the Burden of Proof evidence locations in Starfield. For specific mission walkthroughs, how to get more digipicks, or how to install the ComSpike, check out our expanding guide vault.

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