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SteamWorld Build: How to Find Ironium

Here's how to find and mine Ironium efficiently in SteamWorld Build.

Ironium is one of the more valuable resources in SteamWorld Build. It’s required for different upgrades. necessary to keep citizens happy. While it’s important for maintaining productivity, it’s hard to obtain it. Here’s how to find Ironium in SteamWorld Build

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Where to Find Ironium in SteamWorld Build

Ironium can be found in every level of the Mines. You’ll be able to tell a resource node is Ironium by its grey coloring and spiky appearance that sticks up from dirt rocks. Unlike with Rubies, regular Miners can’t dig for it. Indeed, you’ll need a Prospector Miner to get the resource.

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How to Get Prospector Miners

To get Prospector Miners, you’ll need to build Prospectors Quarters. Otherwise, they’ll be unhappy and leave the Mines (and it’s always good to keep all of your workers happy). Prospector Quarters are unlocked when you’ve reached Milestone 6.

How to Use the Ironium Extractor

Ironium Extractor that has been equipped to Ironium block
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However, getting Prospector Bots to mine Ironium is quite tedious. They mine small quantities of the resource and stop production when they’re needed elsewhere. Instead, I advise using the Ironium Extractor for better efficiency.

The Ironium Extractor is unlocked at Milestone 9. You only need to create one and attach it to an Ironium outcrop, letting it mine passively without losing any production. However, keep in mind that it takes one Ironium Extractor to mine one Ironium vein, so you’ll have to construct multiple extractors as you find more resource nodes. Just make sure your workshop is big enough for the building; otherwise, you won’t be able to place one.

That’s how to find Ironium in SteamWorld Build. For more tips and strategies, like how to keep Mines from collapsing and how to make bridges, click the links or heck out our SteamWorld Build guides hub.

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