SteamWorld Build: How to Get More Money

Start swimming in dough in SteamWorld Build.

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It’s always a good idea to have a lot of cash, especially in a base-building or city-management game. You’ll want additional ways of earning income as you progress through various stages of development. Here’s how to get more Money in SteamWorld Build.

How to Get More Money in SteamWorld Build

You can get more Money in SteamWorld Build by satisfying the needs of your citizens and finding treasure chest rewards in the mines. Every building or structure you make in the game costs capital. Likewise, these structures also have an upkeep cost you’ll have to keep in mind. You also need coin to purchase items from the Train Station. That’s why having a huge influx of cash is always viable for your playthrough.

How to Generate More Money With Your Citizens

The best Money-generation method is primarily tied to the benefits provided by citizens. This also goes hand in hand with in-game concepts to keep workers happy.

Basically, each residential building can house a certain number of citizens of that particular tier (i.e. Worker Residential, Engineer Residential, and Aristobot Residential). However, once you construct service and production buildings that satisfy citizen needs, this number will also increase. Here’s a good example based on my playthrough:

  • Initially, I had Worker Residentials that could only house five Workers each. However, once I constructed Service Shops, General Stores, and more, those Worker Residentials reached 100% satisfaction. In turn, I noticed that each residential building was able to house up to 10 Workers.
  • The more citizens are housed in a particular residential, the more you’ll earn from that residential. In the example above, each Worker Residential initially generated only +5 Money. Once it could have 10 Workers, it was able to generate +25 Money.
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Service Buildings and Generating Money

I also suggest looking at the service-type buildings that you have. They usually denote how much capital is generated by your citizens. Here are some examples:

  • Service Shop: +6 for every two Workers.
  • General Store: +5 for every four Workers; +7 for every one Engineer.
  • Saloon: +5 for every two Engineers.
  • Surveyor Office: +5 for every two Engineers.
  • Wash Service Shop: +4 for every two Engineers; +14 for every two Aristobots.
  • Waxing Shop: +16 for every two Aristobots.
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Note that there’s the Service Income item that boosts cash generation. It can be found in the mines or purchased from the Train Station. Once you have one, you can equip it in a building slot to increase cash inflow.

In any case, that’s how to get more Money in SteamWorld Build. Since we’re already discussing cash, you might want to learn about other resources, such how to get more Gold, how to get more Scrap, and how to get more Tools. For more tips and strategies, you can check out our SWBuild guides hub.

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