Street Fighter 6 Cammy Frame Data Analysis Guide

Here's Cammy's frame data in Street Fighter 6 and what it means for you as a player.

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Understanding Cammy’s frame data in Street Fighter 6 can help you make the most of this speedy rushdown monster. Using her excellent close-range pressure, you’ll become the bane of anyone you fight against. Here’s our analysis of Cammy’s frame data in Street Fighter 6.

SF6 Frame Data: Cammy

Below, I’ll start with all of the frame data for Cammy’s normals, before moving into her special moves, OD attacks, and Super Arts. If you’re new to SF6 or want to learn more, we have a guide on how to read and use frame data in Street Fighter 6.

Standing Normals

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Standing Light Punch5LP43+5-2
Standing Medium Punch5MP64+6-1
Standing Heavy Punch5HP83+2-3
Standing Light Kick5LK53+2-3
Standing Medium Kick5MK83+3-4
Standing Heavy Kick5HK113+2-4

Crouching Normals

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Crouching Light Punch2LP42+5-2
Crouching Medium Punch2MP73+5-2
Crouching Heavy Punch2HP104+7+1
Crouching Light Kick2LK53+3-2
Crouching Medium Kick2MK83+1-5
Crouching Heavy Kick2HK93HKD +31-10

Jumping Normals

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Jumping Light Punchj.LP410VariableVariable
Jumping Medium Punchj.MP68VariableVariable
Jumping Heavy Punchj.HP85VariableVariable
Jumping Light Kickj.LK410VariableVariable
Jumping Medium Kickj.MK76VariableVariable
Jumping Heavy Kickj.HK106VariableVariable

Command Normals

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Lift Combination4MK~5HK93KD + 49-12(-19)
Swing Combination5HP~5HK134(12)3KD +33-12

Cammy’s normals are normally pretty safe on block. The only exceptions are 5MK, 2HK, and 6HK. 5MK and 2HK can’t be special canceled, so makes sure to use them at ranges where the opponent can’t punish you or when you’re sure they will hit. 6HK can be canceled into a special move to make it safer.

Special Moves

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Spiral Arrow236LK913KD +26(+48)-12(0)
236MK915KD +26(+48)-14(0)
236HK153(1)12KD +29(+48)-12(-1)
Spiral Arrow (Charged)236[HK]27(25)3(1)12KD +47 Launch-14
Cannon Spike623LK512KD +20-36
623MK612KD +21-36
623HK712KD +22-36
Cannon Spike (Charged)623[HK]2412KD + 16-40
Quick Spin Knuckle214LP214+2-3
Cannon Strikej.236LK1311 (until land)
j.236MK1311 (until land)9
j.236HK1311 (until land)
Hooligan Combination236LP
Razer’s Edge Slicer236P~no input509KD + 48+2
236[HP]709(10)5KD + 48+2
Hooligan Cannon Strike236P~K+13until landing
236[HP]~K+13until landing
Reverse Edge236P~2K+184(+6)+9-4(-1)
Fatal Leg Twister236P~LPLK+103HKD +18
236[HP]~LPLK+103HKD + 60 Launch
Silent Step236P~P

Cammy has a lot of special moves, and spacing them is crucial to staying safe. Moves like Cannon Strike (Cammy’s divekick) and Spiral Arrow (her drill) are more plus when they hit later in their active frames. Her Hooligan Combination is a mix-up tool that provides a number of follow-up options, most of which are safe on block or plus. Silent Step adds further mix-up options by allowing Cammy to cancel into nothing.

OD Special Moves

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
OD Spiral Arrow236KK133(1)12KD +47 Launch-14
OD Cannon Spike623KK612KD +16-40
OD Quick Spin Knuckle623PP254+7-2
OD Cannon Strikej.214KK1312 (until land)
OD Hooligan Combination236PP11KD +47(+50)-16(-30)
OD Razer’s Edge Slicer236PP~No Input509(10)5KD +48+2
OD Hooligan Cannon Strike236PP~K+2until land+3+3
OD Reverse Edge236PP~2K+184(14)4+8-2
OD Fatal Leg Twister236PP~LPLK+103HKD +60 Launch
OD Silent Step236PP~P

Cammy’s OD specials are mostly for extending combos or pressure. OD Spiral Arrow. Razor’s Edge Slicer and Reverse Edge combo into Supers. OD Quick Spin Knuckle goes through fireballs and crosses opponents up if Cammy is close enough. OD Fatal Leg Twister allows for juggle combos, and OD Cannon Strike is a DP.

Super Arts

AttackNotationStartupActiveOn HitOn Block
Spin Drive Smasher236236K93(1)12KD +1024
Killer Bee Spin214214K139KD +12 (+70 Launch)-24(-18)
Killer Bee Spin (Aerial)j.214214K13until landKD +12 (+70 Launch)-14
Delta Red Assault236236P915HKD +17-33
Delta Red Assault (CA)236236P915HKD +22-33

Cammy’s Supers are very negative on block, and each has its own uses. Spin Drive Smasher can be used for extra damage in combos and as a confirm off of stray hits. Killer Bee Spin is used to add damage to combos. Delta Red Assault has invulnerability frames, so it can be used as a reversal, but it also deals big damage in combos. Just make sure your opponent doesn’t block it.

That’s all there is when it comes to Cammy’s frame data. For more on Capcom’s latest fighting game, check out our Street Fighter 6 guides hub.

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