Street Fighter 6: How to do SF6 Crossplay

Take the fight to everyone. Here's how to access crossplay settings in Street Fighter 6.

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Street Fighter 6 crossplay lets you fight with players from around the world, no matter their platform. The latest installment of the fighting game franchise brings a ton of fun to competitive and casual audiences alike with its wealth of content and options that represent the forefront of the genre. And you’ll want to experience that with as many in the FGC as you can. This guide will go over all you need to know about SF6 crossplay.

Street Fighter 6 Crossplay Guide

How to Turn SF6 Crossplay On and Off

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By default, Street Fighter 6 crossplay should be turned on. If you want to verify further or think you may have switched it off by accident while browsing the many different settings, here’s how to turn crossplay on.

Your first option is to go to the Multi-Menu. No matter if you’re in World Tour mode, the Battle Hub, or even the main menu, this is accessed by pressing the menu/options button. Head over to Options. Nestled within the settings under the Game tab will be a toggle for Crossplay.

Alternatively, you can choose your SF6 crossplay settings in the matchmaking settings whenever you queue up for a casual or ranked match in Fighting Ground or Battle Hub. They’ll come up automatically, but you can also press the option button to access them again. From here, you can choose to leave it on or limit it to only find players on your respective platform.

What Platforms Have Street Fighter 6 Crossplay?

The main benefit of having Street Fighter 6 crossplay turned on is playing with friends and fellow fighting game enthusiasts alike, no matter what system they’re playing on. There’s no need to compromise with friends on which version to get or worry about a fractured player base anymore when everyone is a part of one giant community.

While some titles have limited crossplay between generations of consoles or within certain console ecosystems, Street Fighter 6 crossplay is supported with every single one of its platforms. You’ll be able to fight against any other player across the following:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PC

Hopefully, that answered any questions you had about Street Fighter 6 crossplay. Whether you’re looking for general tips or other settings-related options, such as whether full screen mode is available, our growing SF6 guides library can help.

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