Super Mario Bros. Wonder: How to Get All Medals

If you want to get all six medals in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, then follow our guide for all the tips and tricks.

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There are six medals in Super Mario Bros. Wonder that appear on your save file as peculiar badges of honor. Our guide will provide you with tips on how to get all medals in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, including all level secrets and tricks.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder — All Medals Guide with Tips

Here’s a quick breakdown of things that you’ll need to accomplish to get all six medals in Super Mario Bros. Wonder:

  • Collect all 24 Badges.
  • Collect all 144 Standees.
  • Collect all 224 Wonder Seeds.
  • Collect all Purple 10-Coins.
  • Touch the tops of all Flagpoles.
  • Defeat Bowser.

Collect All 24 Badges

There are three categories of badges in the game that grant various effects. You can find badges on different levels inside the Piranha Plant houses and unlock them using the Wonder Seeds. Here are all 24 badges that you need to collect:

  • 9 Action Badges.
  • 11 Boost Badges.
  • 4 Expert Badges.
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Collect All 144 Standees

Standees are collectible items that represent the 12 characters of the Super Mario franchise. You can purchase each of these collectibles at the Poplin Shop in Special World for 30 Flower Coins. Here’s a complete list of all available Standees in Super Mario Bros. Wonder:

  • 12 Mario Standees
  • 12 Luigi Standees
  • 12 Peach Standees
  • 12 Daisy Standees
  • 12 Yellow Toad Standees
  • 12 Blue Toad Standees
  • 12 Toadette Standees
  • 12 Yoshi Standees
  • 12 Red Yoshi Standees
  • 12 Yellow Yoshi Standees
  • 12 Light Blue Yoshi Standees
  • 12 Nabbit Standees
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Collect All 224 Wonder Seeds

Each level across eight worlds in Super Mario Bros. Wonder contains one or two Wonder Seeds. But some levels also have a secret third Wonder Seed. If I were you, I’d definitely purchase the Sensor Badge at the Poplin Shop if you still haven’t done so. It’ll help you detect the locations of all Wonder Seeds on each level, even the secret ones. But most Wonder Seeds can be obtained during the Wonder Flower sequence in each level, so you can’t miss them.

Here’s a complete list of all Wonder Seeds in each world, so you don’t miss a single one:

  1. 35 Wonder Seeds at the Pipe-Rock Plateau.
  2. 30 Wonder Seeds at the Fluff-Puff Peaks.
  3. 20 Wonder Seeds at the Shining Falls.
  4. 36 Wonder Seeds at the Sunbaked Desert.
  5. 21 Wonder Seeds at the Fungi Mines.
  6. 30 Wonder Seeds at the Deep Magma Bog.
  7. 34 Wonder Seeds at the Petal Isles.
  8. 18 Wonder Seeds at the Special World.
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Collect All Purple 10-Coins

In addition to Wonder Seeds, you need to collect three large Purple 10-Coins at each level. They are usually hidden behind an obstacle that you need to overcome. But all coins are visible in the open world, so you definitely won’t miss them. Once you collect the three Purple 10-Coins, you’ll be rewarded with the 10 Flower Coins. If you collect all Purple 10-Coins on all levels, you’ll be rewarded with another medal.

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Touch the Tops of All Flagpoles

As you know, each level in Super Mario games ends with a flagpole. The level ends once you touch it, and you move on to the next one. There are over 130 levels in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and if you manage to touch the very top of each flagpole at the end of all these levels, then you’ll earn yourself the fifth medal.

Defeat Bowser

Finally, you get the very last medal by defeating Bowser and completing the game. You encounter Bowser at the end of the Petal Isles. I strongly recommend using either Yoshi or Nabbit characters, as they take no damage during this fight. You can easily defeat Bowser this way!

That’s all you need to know on how to get all medals in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Stay tuned for more SMBW tips and tricks articles right here.

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