Super Mario RPG: How to Get and Use the Goodie Bag

Here's how to get the Goodie Bag in Super Mario RPG and whether or not you should sell it.

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Farming coins can take a long time if you’re going for the best gear for your entire party. Luckily, there’s an item that can help you get some more sweet gold easily. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get and use the Goodie Bag in Super Mario RPG

How to Get the Goodie Bag in Super Mario RPG

If you’re running low on coins, you’ll want to find the Goodie Bag. To get it, head to Booster Tower and the save room before you play the curtain minigame. You‘ll see a chest in the top left corner. Jump on top of the chest, then jump again to reveal a hidden chest with the Goodie Bag inside. If you have the Signal Ring, it will chime and notify you in the room that there’s a hidden item nearby. 

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How to Use the Goodie Bag 

Now that you have the Goodie Bag, you might be wondering how to use it. In short, the Goodie Bag is a battle item that gives you one coin when used. It’s not a consumable item, so you can use it to get as many coins as you want in as many battles as you want. However, it doesn’t give you any extra effects, nor does it deal damage. 

Although it has the ability to give you infinite coins, I find it extremely slow and inefficient. Instead, I recommend you sell it when you’re in need of some money. You can sell the Goodie Bag at any Item Shop for 555 coins. It’s an instant return on your investment, giving you plenty of money to buy what you need. Things aren’t that expensive in Super Mario RPG, after all.  

You might be thinking: Isn’t an infinite amount of coins better than selling it for some quick cash? Well, let’s to some quick math to figure out how long it would take to at least break even.

Each character can use the Goodie Bag once on their turn. So that means you’ll get 3 coins each turn in battle. You’ll have to use the item 185 times to break even with its sell price. That doesn’t take into account having to heal your party members in battle and the chance that these effects will miss. So, if you want to double what you would get from selling it, you’d have to spend over 370 turns in battle. I don’t know about you, but that’s too long and boring for me just to double a profit.

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Other Ways to Farm Coins in Super Mario RPG

So you sold your Goodie Bag and still need more money. What are other ways to earn coins in Super Mario RPG? I found that the best way to farm coins is to go to Kero Sewers.

There are a lot of demon-type enemies that can drop Pure Water items when defeated, and these sell for 70 coins a piece. I recommend spending some time down in the sewers and farming them. In my experience, the process goes pretty fast, especially if you’re at a higher level since you can kill the enemies in one to two hits.

You can also play the Marrymore Hotel Bellhop minigame to win different rewards that you can sell. However, I don’t find it that fun and prefer to go the killing demons route.

That’s how to get the Goodie Bag and how to use it. For more tips, check out our SMRPG guides hub for topics like how to get the Kero Sewers secret chest and how to level up with all stat bonuses listed

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