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Super Mario RPG: How to Get the Kero Sewers Secret Chest

Here's how to obtain an item that was previously inaccessible in an early-game dungeon in Super Mario RPG.

There might be instances when you see a treasure you can’t reach, only to realize that you’ll be able to do so much later. Our guide discusses how to get the secret chest in Kero Sewers in Super Mario RPG.

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How to Get the Kero Sewers Secret Chest in Super Mario RPG

The Super Mario RPG Kero Sewers secret chest can only be obtained once you’ve made it to Land’s End. Upon opening it, you’ll receive the Cricket Jam. This chest (or item/treasure block) can be seen as you explore Kero Sewers, which is visited early in the campaign. Land’s End, however, requires you to progress much further.

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Where to Find the Warp Pipe in Land’s End

For this particular task, I advise you to just take your time, enjoying the game and leveling up your characters at your leisure. I feel that there’s no need to rush through the entire story just to acquire this particular item.

In any case, upon reaching Land’s End, make your way to the back of the grassy path until you see a cave opening. Once smoke appears, jump up to get pulled into an underground area. Continue to the end of the cavern until you see a pipe.

When you fall through it, you’ll realize that Mario is back in Kero Sewers. I was definitely surprised by this, as I’m sure many players are due to the distance between the two areas. Then again, pipes that cause you to warp to mysterious lands are a staple of the Super Mario series.

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How to Use the Cricket Jam in Super Mario RPG

You’re one step closer to the Kero Sewers secret chest in Super Mario RPG. Once you’re in the mini-dungeon, jump only on the top of the platforms. Don’t fall down accidentally, or you might need to return to the cavern in Land’s End once more.

At the edge of the pillar ledges, you’ll find the item block that you missed earlier. Hit it to receive the Cricket Jam.

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The Super Mario RPG Cricket Jam is actually a quest item. Similar to the Cricket Pie, which nets you the Froggie Stick, the Cricket Jam is also an item that you should give to the Frog Sage in Tadpole Pond. Doing so rewards you with 10 Frog Coins. This is just one of several sources of Frog Coins in the game.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to get the secret chest in Kero Sewers in Super Mario RPG. For more tips and strategies, you can check out our SMRPG guides hub for topics like how to get Big Yoshi and how to get the Belome Temple Treasure Room key.

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