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Super Mario RPG: How to Get Big Yoshi

Big Yoshi is looking better than ever in the latest Super Mario RPG Remake. Here's how to get him.

Our fan-favorite meme is back with a secret Yoshi hidden amongst a pile of eggs, but it’s easily missed if you don’t participate in a rhythm-based minigame. Our guide will tell you how to get Big Yoshi in Super Mario RPG

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Where Can You Find Big Yoshi in the Super Mario RPG Remake?

To get Big Yoshi, you’ll need to travel to Yo’ster Isle, an optional area home to the Yoshi Race minigame and many Yoshi eggs waiting to hatch.

How to Unlock Yo’ster Isle 

I found Yo’ster Isle during the first couple hours of my playthrough, just after Geno joined my party in the Forest Maze, and we retrieved the second star piece. You can reach the zone easily through the Pipe Vault.

First, go to the Pipe Vault and take the lone green pipe at the entrance. This takes you underground into a lava level with a pretty linear path. You’ll have to dodge Goombas, Lava Bubbles, and Piranha Plants, but eventually, you’ll reach a green pipe at the end that takes you directly to Yo’ster Isle. While I was there, I made sure to grab hidden treasure chests as well. If you have your Signal Ring equipped, it’ll let you know when one is around.

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Not only can you get Big Yoshi on this island, but it’s also home to a quest item needed to complete the 3 Musty Fears Flag quest

How to Get Big Yoshi 

Big Yoshi doesn’t start big at all, of course. You’ll meet Baby Yoshi first in a pile of eggs across from the race track. However, this doesn’t occur until later in the game. I visited Yo’ster Isle multiple times in my playthrough, and the eggs were still unhatched. This changed after I chased Booster to Marrymore, crashed the wedding, and Peach joined my party. Before heading to Star Hill, I stopped by the island, and Baby Yoshi was there, hungrily waiting for cookies. 

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To grow Baby Yoshi into Big Yoshi, you’ll need to feed him Yoshi Cookies, which you can get by completing the races hosted by Boshi. In my case, I fed him 32 Cookies. Then, I left the island and came back to see Big Yoshi in all his chonky glory. Afterwards, you can continue giving Big Yoshi cookies to get rewards. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Frog Coins
  • Yoshi-Ade (functions as both an Energizer and Bracer)
  • Energizers 
  • Bracers
  • Red Essences

Tips to Win Yoshi Races 

Yoshi Races (also known as the Mushroom Derby) are great for testing your rhythm skills and getting the Yoshi Cookies needed to feed Baby Yoshi. You’ll bet a set amount of Cookies, and if you win, you’ll add more to your inventory. I usually put up three to five Cookies per race. If you lose all your Cookies, you can talk to Red Yoshi near the eggs to give you more.

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While the game gives you a rundown on the basic mechanics, it can still be tricky if you lack rhythm like I do. Even so, I do recommend racing Yoshi yourself instead of risking your Cookies with RNG. This will save you a lot of time, no matter your skill level. The best tip I have for completing the races and winning every time is to avoid looking at the screen. It might sound odd, but it worked for me. I’d look at my wall or close my eyes to listen to the beat. Then, I’d press the “A” and “B” buttons based on what I could hear. The song is the same each time, so you’ll pick up the rhythm the more you listen to it. 

How to Use Yoshi Cookies in Super Mario RPG 

Yoshi Cookies have more uses than feeding Baby and Big Yoshi. You can use them to summon Yoshi in battle to get Yoshi Candy (replenishes 100 HP) and have him eat enemies to turn them into items. Simply choose the Cookies from your items list in battle, and he’ll come to your aid.

That covers everything you need to know about how to get Big Yoshi in the Super Mario RPG Remake. For more tips, such as how to use Frog Coins and the best Triple Moves to use, jump over to our dedicated guides hub.

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